Reflections on the Discovery and Significance of Estrogen Receptor β

Published on May 1, 2005in Endocrine Reviews14.661
· DOI :10.1210/ER.2004-0027
Konrad F. Koehler21
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Luisa A. Helguero26
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+ 2 AuthorsJan-Ake Gustafsson148
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We have known for many years that estrogen is more than the female hormone. It is essential in the male gonads, and in both sexes, estrogen has functions in the skeleton and central nervous system, on behavior, and in the cardiovascular and immune systems. An important aspect of the discovery of estrogen receptor (ER) β is that the diverse functions of estrogen can now be divided into those mediated by ERα and those mediated by ERβ. Pharmacological exploitation of this division of the labors of estrogen is facilitated by the ligand-binding specificity and selective tissue distribution of the two ERs. Because the ligand binding domains of ERα and ERβ are significantly different from each other, selective ligands can be (and have been) developed to target the estrogenic pathway that is malfunctioning, without interfering with the other estrogen-regulated pathways. Because of the absence of ERβ from the adult pituitary and endometrium, ERβ agonists can be used to target ERβ with no risk of adverse effects fr...
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Estrogen receptors alfa (ER α ) and beta (ER β ) differentially regulate proliferation and apoptosis of the normal murine mammary epithelial cell line HC11
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To the Editor: In the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial,1 more than 18,000 healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to receive either finasteride (5 mg daily) or placebo. The incidence of prostate cancer in the finasteride group was 18.4 percent, as compared with 24.4 percent in the placebo group. A bigger surprise was that the incidence of tumors with a Gleason grade of 7, 8, 9, or 10 was higher in the finasteride group than in the placebo group (37.0 percent vs. 22.2 percent, P<0.001), meaning...
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Lung tissue elastic recoil and the dimension and number of pulmonary gas-exchange units (alveoli) are major determinants of gas-exchange function. Loss of gas-exchange function accelerates after menopause in the healthy aged and is progressively lost in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The latter, a disease of midlife and later, though more common in men than in women, is a disease to which women smokers and never smokers may be more susceptible than men; it is char...
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Pathway-selective ligands for the estrogen receptor (ER) inhibit NF-κB-mediated inflammatory gene expression causing a reduction of cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules, and inflammatory enzymes. SAR development of a series of 4-(indazol-3-yl)phenols has led to the identification of WAY-169916 an orally active nonsteroidal ligand with the potential use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis without the classical proliferative effects associated with estrogens.
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We present the structure-based optimization of a series of estrogen receptor-β (ERβ) selective ligands. X-ray cocrystal structures of these ligands complexed to both ERα and ERβ are described. We also discuss how molecular modeling was used to take advantage of subtle differences between the two binding cavities in order to optimize selectivity for ERβ over ERα. Quantum chemical calculations are utilized to gain insight into the mechanism of selectivity enhancement. Despite only two relatively c...
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Abstract Females have a higher prevalence than men of neuropsychiatric disorders in which dopaminergic abnormalities play a prominent role, e.g. very late-onset schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease (PD). The biological basis of these sex differences is unknown but may include modulation of the dopaminergic system by sex hormones, as there is preliminary evidence that estrogen modulates treatment response in these disorders. Furthermore, sex differences in dopamine-mediated cognitive decline sug...
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#1Avrum Z. Bluming (SC: University of Southern California)H-Index: 6
Recent reports attributing a significant increased risk of breast cancer development, cardiac events, and Alzheimer's disease to the administration of estrogen-progestin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) require critical review, not blind acceptance. An appreciation of the numbers used to generate these conclusions, the abundance and strength of the studies that do net support them, the size of the effect reported, even if arguably valid, and the persisting reported benefit of HRT on longevity s...
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Although the heart responds to estrogen, it is not clear whether estrogen acts directly on heart muscle or indirectly by means of the vascular, immune, or nervous system. No role for estrogen receptor (ER) β in the heart has been established, but ERβ–/– mice are hypertensive, and as they age, their hearts become enlarged. Histological and ultrastructural analysis of the heart revealed a disarray of myocytes, a disruption of intercalated discs, an increase in the number and size of gap junctions,...
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New diphenolic azoles as highly selective estrogen receptor-β agonists are reported. The more potent and selective analogues of these series have comparable binding affinities for ERβ as the natural ligand 17β-estradiol but are >100-fold selective over ERα. Our design strategy not only followed a traditional SAR approach but also was supported by X-ray structures of ERβ cocrystallized with various ligands as well as molecular modeling studies. These strategies enabled us to take advantage of a s...
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Protein dynamics is central to all biological processes, including signal transduction, cellular regulation and biological catalysis. Among them, in-depth exploration of ligand-driven protein dynamics contributes to an optimal understanding of protein function, which is particularly relevant to drug discovery. Hence, a wide range of computational tools have been designed to investigate the important dynamic information in proteins. However, performing and analyzing protein dynamics is still chal...
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Abstract Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) has been used as a food, spice, supplements, flavoring agent and in traditional medicines due to its beneficial characteristics such as pungency, aroma, nutrients and pharmacological activity. Ginger and ginger extracts were reported to have numerous effects, such as those on diabetes and metabolic syndrome, cholesterol levels and lipid metabolism, and inflammation, revealed by epidemiological studies. To understand the beneficial characteristics of g...
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Last. Atul Gupta (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants)H-Index: 11
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Abstract A series of amide derivatives of stilbene was synthesized and investigated for osteogenic activity. Out of sixteen, seven compounds viz 19c, 19g, 19i, 24b, 25a, 25c and 26a showed significant osteoblast differentiation within 1pM – 1µM concentrations. Amongst all, 26a was identified as most active molecule which presented effective mineralization of osteoblasts and expression of mRNA of osteogenic marker gene such as BMP-2, ALP, and Runx-2 at 1pM. In estrogen-deficient balb/c mice, 26a ...
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Tissue-dependent oestrogenic and anti-oestrogenic activity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has been suggested. In this study, the effect of two PAH mixtures, M1 composed of all 16 priori...
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To determine whether a red clover preparation plus dietary intervention administered to premenopausal women with breast cancer (BC), improves menopausal symptoms due to anti-oestrogen treatment, and hence promotes compliance with tamoxifen, prevents weight gain and is safe. Surgically-treated premenopausal women with oestrogen receptor (ER) positive disease taking tamoxifen were recruited to a prospective double-blind randomized trial (NCT03844685). The red clover group (N = 42) received one ora...
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Background: Flavonoids potentially exert anti-cancer effects, as suggested by their chemical structures and supported by animal studies. In observational studies, however, the association between flavonoids and breast cancer, and potential underlying mechanisms, remain unclear. Objective: To examine the relationship between flavonoid intake and sex hormone levels using timed blood samples in follicular and luteal phases in the Nurses’ Health Study II among premenopausal women. Methods: Plasma co...
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Abstract Women with cystic fibrosis (CF) are living longer and healthier lives, and opportunities for childbearing are increasingly promising. However, this population can also face sexual and reproductive health concerns, including menstrual irregularities, unplanned pregnancies, infertility and pregnancy complications. Additionally, more women are entering menopause and are at risk for the consequences of estrogen deficiency. The exact mechanisms involved in female reproductive health conditio...
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