Research Intelligence

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Discover new insights for better research and business.
Get quick access to analytic data extracted from academic papers.
What is Research Intelligence?
RI provides insight that allows business enterprises to analyze and utilize comprehensive research data for technology acquirement, just like Business Intelligence (BI), focusing on in-depth research data.
Research Intelligence
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Gain new insight with data extracted
directly from the papers’ core content
Research funding trends and relevant information.
Extraction of experimental data and integration of data.
Searching for patents and relevant firms.
Patents & Headhunting
Back your cases with integrated experimental results, funding information, patents, enterprise research, and more.
Identification of cutting-edge research
trends in each academic field
Get quick access to the latest research trends we identify.
Rising Stars
Influential (impactful) experts and rising stars.
Subunit Search
Technology commercialization stages in subunits of research fields.
In-depth Search
Detailed research of subgroup areas.
Multi-dimensional analysis of a specific
researcher and their publications
Identify each author's contribution-weighted research field, impact in his/her research field, and yearly achievement tracking.
Each author's research performance analysis on a yearly basis.
Identify each author's specific research field and his/her impact on the field.
Patents and business enterprises related to each author are also provided.
Institutional Performance
Research performance analysis of each research institution.
Comparative analysis across institutions.
Early Limited Access
Be the first to benefit from the next level of research analysis
Be a part of our transformation towards new insights and quick access.