A hassle-free approach to finding the best-suited scholar for your project.
Expert Finder simplifies finding top experts in specialized research fields with just keywords.
It goes beyond keywords, uncovering key academic figures through filters like research career, impact, and location, helping users to discover leading minds in any research area and collaborate with them.
For Industry:
Discover and reference-check potential researchers for specific research assignments.
Efficiently search and verify advisory professors for specialized technical consultations.
Streamline the recruitment process for in-house researchers with proven expertise.
For Academia:
Facilitate the search for new faculty members with the desired academic influence and background.
Conduct comparative analyses of influential laboratories across various disciplines, identifying leaders in each field.
Unearth potential collaborative laboratories for joint research ventures, fostering interdisciplinary advancements.
Expert Finder is more than a search tool; it's a gateway to a world of academic expertise, tailored to the needs of both industry and academia.