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without reading numerous papers
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extracted from hundreds to thousands of papers, identifying key trends in any research field
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Why should I use Scinapse?
While many services related to papers are focused solely on accurately finding a list of papers to read, Scinapse streamlines research by providing trends and insights across fields, based on data from multiple papers. This eliminates the need to read each paper individually, significantly reducing time spent on research activities related to prior literature.
Stay ahead of the curve with research trends
Research trends are constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with the latest developments.
Research Intelligence makes it easy to stay ahead of the curve by providing you with a comprehensive view of the latest research in your field of interest.
Our data and insight
  • Trends in research interest and quality:
    Track the evolution of research interest and quality within specific fields.
  • Pivotal studies and emerging themes:
    Identify classic research and emerging themes that are shaping your field.
  • Influential scientists and rising researchers:
    Stay updated on key scientists and up-and-coming researchers making waves.
  • Leading research institutions and countries:
    Discover which institutions and countries are spearheading research efforts.
And more to come...!
Accelerate innovation
For Industry
For Industry
  • Conduct comparative analysis of various technologies within a research area.
  • Plan research projects that align with recent trends and internal technological challenges.
  • Develop acquisition strategies for individual technologies.
  • Quickly detect research areas receiving heightened attention.
For Academia
For Academia
  • Rapidly learn and keep up with the latest research trends in each sector.
  • Monitor recent publication trends to guide future research directions.
Discover leading experts in your field
Efficiently find influential and trustworthy researchers
Easily locate experts within specialized research fields. Expert Finder offers advanced search capabilities based on the true impact within the field, not just publications.
Our features
  • Impact-focused search and ranking algorithm:
    Our algorithm considers the influence of researchers within their fields.
  • Comprehensive filters:
    Filter by research experience, recent activity, country, and institution for targeted searches.
  • Accessible expertise:
    Stay updated on key scientists and up-and-coming researchers making waves.
And more to come...!
Identify ideal candidates
For Industry
For Industry
  • Identify and reference-check researchers for project collaborations.
  • Find advisory professors in specific technology areas.
  • Recruit researchers for your company.
For Academia
For Academia
  • Discover new faculty members.
  • Search and compare high-impact research labs in various fields.
  • Uncover labs for potential research collaborations.
Quickly assess a researcher's specialization and impact
In the modern landscape of specialized research fields, understanding a researcher's expertise can be challenging. Scinapse simplifies this process by analyzing their publications and providing you with comprehensive insights.
Our data and insight
  • Detailed field specialization:
    Discover the precise research areas a researcher specializes in.
  • Trends and activity over time:
    Track how their research focus has evolved over the years and their current level of activity.
  • Impact analysis:
    Evaluate the actual impact of their work, considering the contribution and uniqueness of each publication.
  • Network insights:
    Gain a view of the researcher's collaborative network and connections in the field.
And more to come...!
Bespoke reporting & data analysis
Can't quite find what you're looking for in Scinapse?
At Pluto Labs, we understand that even within the extensive offerings of Scinapse, you might occasionally need more. need more.

Our specialized internal research team is here to fill that gap. Utilizing Scinapse's comprehensive database, we deliver in-depth analyses to provide you with the latest research trends, insights, and strategies specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements.
  • Tailored analysis for your business goals:
    At Pluto Labs, we don't just offer data; we offer solutions. Our team proposes and executes a variety of analytical methods designed to align perfectly with your company's objectives.
  • Beyond surface-level information:
    Our expert team at Scinapse specializes in uncovering complex, hard-to-find information, ensuring you have access to the most comprehensive insights.
  • Connect with the best in the field:
    Through Scinapse, gain access to a wealth of resources, including information about leading researchers, innovative companies, and esteemed research institutions.
  • Efficient and timely results:
    We value your time. Expect to receive detailed and actionable insights within just 2 to 4 weeks.
Experience our custom analysis service with Scinapse, where your quest for knowledge meets our expertise in discovery.