Platelets are mitogenic for periosteum-derived cells.

Published on Sep 1, 2003in Journal of Orthopaedic Research2.728
· DOI :10.1016/S0736-0266(03)00053-6
Reinhard Gruber41
Estimated H-index: 41
(University of Vienna),
Florian A. Karreth26
Estimated H-index: 26
+ 2 AuthorsGeorg Watzek49
Estimated H-index: 49
(University of Vienna)
The early stages of bone regeneration are associated with a high mitogenic activity of periosteal cells. Here we addressed the question of whether platelets that accumulate within the developing haematoma can account for this tissue response. Addition of platelets, platelet-released supernatants, platelet membranes, and microparticles to bovine periosteum-derived cells resulted in an increase in 3H-thymidine incorporation; lipid extracts had no effect. Platelet-released supernatants retained their activity after incubation at 56 °C, but not at 100 °C. Gel chromatographic analysis revealed the highest mitogenic activity at approximately 35 kD. Of the factors released from activated platelets, basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) increased 3H-thymidine incorporation. The mitogenic activity of platelet-released supernatants was decreased by anti-PDGF, and anti-bFGF antibodies. Platelet-released supernatants increased the number of proliferating periosteum-derived cells as determined by the expression pattern of Ki67. Platelet-released supernatants also resulted in a stimulation of cell proliferation in periosteal explants. These results suggest that platelets have the potential to stimulate the mitogenic response of the periosteum during bone repair.
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Abstract: Platelets have been implicated in accelerated bone regeneration in grafting applications. The beneficial effects of platelets may involve their ability to stimulate the proliferation of osteoblasts. We therefore determined the mitogenic response of human trabecular bone-derived cells to human platelets and supernatants of thrombin-activated platelets. We can show a ∼ 50-fold increase in DNA-synthesis of bone cells (BC) cultured in the presence of platelets as determined by [3H]-thymidi...
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Localization studies and genetic evidence have implicated cartilage-derived morphogenetic proteins-1, -2 (CDMP-1 and CDMP-2), and osteogenic protein-1 (OP-1) in the osteochondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal progenitor cells during embryonic development and in postnatal life. Based on their expression pattern and the evidence that periosteum contains mesenchymal cells in the cambium layer that can undergo bone and cartilage formation, we hypothesized that CDMPs and OP-1 may be involved in ...
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#1T. Böni (UZH: University of Zurich)H-Index: 2
Although the treatment of fractures has repeatedly been documented throughout history, little attention has been paid to the historical development of the understanding of fracture healing and callus formation in itself. In antiquity, the capability of bone to regenerate was doubted, and Galen attributed the consolidation of a bone fracture to a sap (succus ossificus) that came from the food ingested. Later, in the eighteenth century, a haughty debate broke out as to the seat of the organ that c...
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Over the last few years, electric and electromagnetic fields have gained more and more significance in the therapy of bone fracture healing and bone disease. Yet, the underlying mechanisms on a cellular and molecular level are not completely understood. In the present study we have investigated the effects of capacitively coupled, pulsed electric fields on cellular proliferation, alkaline phosphatase activity, and matrix protein synthesis of osteoblast-like primary cells in vitro. Cells were der...
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Last. Karsten Schrör (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 64
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This study investigates the role of platelet-derived microparticles for vascular smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation. Microparticles concentration dependently stimulated p42/p44 MAP kinase phosphorylation, c-fos induction, DNA synthesis, and proliferation of cultured bovine coronary artery SMC. The maximum mitogenic effects of microparticles were significantly higher than those of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-BB. Microparticle-induced SMC mitogenesis was heat sensitive, whereas the e...
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Objective: To determine whether the periosteal response to skeletal trauma is impaired when muscle is also injured, thereby providing a possible explanation for why fractures with extensive soft-tissue damage may take longer to heal. Methods: A bone defect was made in the tibia of male Fisher rats, and the proliferative response, osteoblast concentration, and callus formation that occurred within 7 days were measured in the presence and absence of simultaneously administered model soft-tissue in...
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#1Akihiro Ozaki (Kobe University)H-Index: 1
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To study the mechanisms of fracture healing, we investigated the interaction between fracture hematoma and periosteum during the early phase of fracture healing in rats. Experimentally induced fractures of the tibia in untreated rats were compared histologically with such fractures in rats in which either the bone marrow or the periosteum had been removed. The extent of periosteal cell proliferation and chondrogenesis in the fracture hematoma was evaluated on experimental days 3, 6, 10, and 14. ...
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Periosteum provides a source of undifferentiated chondrocyte precursor cells for fracture healing that can also be used for cartilage repair. The quantity of cartilage that can be produced, which is a determining factor in fracture healing and cartilage repair, is related to the number of available stem cells in the cambium layer. Cartilage formation during both of these processes is enhanced by motion of the fracture or joint in which periosteum has been transplanted. The effect of dynamic flui...
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#1Orla P. Barry (UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)H-Index: 12
#2Garret A. FitzGeraldH-Index: 138
Introduction: Eukaryotic cells, after activation, shed components of their plasma membranes into the extracellular space.1,2 Such fragments may include cytoplasmic elements and are known colloquially as microparticles (MPs). Monocytes,3 lymphocytes,4 endothelial cells,5 erythrocytes,6 and granulocytes7 have been shown to vesiculate either in vitro or in vivo. MPs from other sources have also been reported to exist in vivo.8,9 In addition, platelets have been found to vesiculate following activat...
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#1Layla Panahipour (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 6
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Last. Reinhard Gruber (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 41
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Casein and whey being food supplements have been considered to be used in oral health care products. However, the response of oral cells to micellar casein and whey powder remains unclear. Considering that milk contains the growth factor TGF-β, and lactoperoxidase was recently reported to decrease the expression of inhibitor of DNA-binding (ID) proteins, there is a rationale to assume that casein and whey can also provoke these responses in oral cells. To examine the TGF-β activity, gingival fib...
#1Abdulmonem Alshihri (KSU: King Saud University)H-Index: 8
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The treatment of a variety of defects in bony sites could benefit from mitogenic stimulation of osteoprogenitor cells, including endogenous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (bMSCs), and from provision of such cells with a matrix permissive of their migration, proliferation, and osteogenic differentiation. That such MSC stimulation could result from treatment with noninvasive (extracorporeal) shock waves (ESWs), and the matrix delivered by injection could enable this therapeutic approac...
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Xenogeneic acellular collagen matrices represent a safe alternative to autologous soft tissue transplants in periodontology and implant dentistry. Here, we aimed to investigate the adsorption and release of growth factors from four porcine-derived collagen matrices using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Non-crosslinked collagen matrix (NCM), crosslinked collagen matrix (CCM), dried acellular dermal matrix (DADM), and hydrated acellular dermal matrix (HADM) adsorbed each of the following growth...
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#1Maolin Zhang (SJTU: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)H-Index: 8
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Last. Xinquan Jiang (SJTU: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)H-Index: 53
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Regenerative medicine for bone tissue mainly depends on efficient recruitment of endogenous or transplanted stem cells to guide bone regeneration. Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is a functional factor that has been widely used in tissue regeneration and repair. However, the short half-life of PDGF limits its efficacy, and the mechanism by which PDGF regulates stem cell-based bone regeneration still needs to be elucidated. In this study, we established genetically modified PDGF-B-overexpre...
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#1Juan Du (Capital Medical University)H-Index: 17
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Last. S Wang (Capital Medical University)H-Index: 3
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Background and Objectives The efficacy and outcomes of aspirin in local defects and the use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) in periodontal defects were investigated. Whether the PRF/aspirin complex is a suitable scaffold and delivery system to carry sustained-release aspirin/salicylic acid to promote periodontal bone regeneration was determined. Material and Methods PRF and PRF/aspirin complex were prepared. The concentrations of aspirin/salicylic acid released from the PRF/aspirin complex were ca...
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Last. Hermann Agis (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 15
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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: In regenerative dentistry, platelet preparations are applied to stimulate bone healing and periodontal regeneration. Here, we pursue a strategy where bone substitutes are used as carriers for platelet-released supernatants. The mitogenic capacity and release kinetics of loaded bone substitutes were assessed. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Platelet-released supernatants of washed platelets (washed PRS) and platelet-released supernatants of unwashed platelets (unwashed PRS) were l...
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#1Eva-Maria Mozgan (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 1
#2Michael Edelmayer (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 7
Last. Hermann Agis (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 15
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Abstract Background Platelet preparations can stimulate the healing process and have mitogenic properties. We hypothesized that collagen barrier membranes (CBM), clinically used in guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration, can serve as carriers for platelet secretome. Methods Secretome was generated from washed platelets and unwashed platelets (washed/unwashed PSEC) and lyophilized onto CBM. Overall appearance of CBM was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy. The impact of PSE...
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Summary Background Narrowband – ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) is an emerging, effective, and safe therapy for vitiligo, but the treatment course often requires a long duration of time which may carry a potential risk for various side effects and patients' noncompliance. Objective To explore the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection on the outcome of short-term NB-UVB therapy for the patients with stable vitiligo. Patients and methods The study included 60 stable vitiligo patients with overall ...
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Abstract Background aims Platelet derivatives have been proposed as alternatives to animal sera given that for cell therapy applications, the use of fetal bovine/calf serum (FBS/FCS) is subjected to severe limitations for safety and ethical concerns. We developed a cell culture medium additive obtained by the combination of two blood-derived standardized components. Methods A platelet lysate (PL) and a platelet-poor plasma (PPP) were produced in a lyophilized form. Each component was characteriz...
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