Metabolic profiling analysis of fatty acids from hyperlipidemic rats treated with Gynostemma pentaphyllum and atorvastatin based on GC/MS

Published on Oct 9, 2014in Analytical Methods2.596
· DOI :10.1039/C4AY01405G
Miao Wang9
Estimated H-index: 9
(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University),
Yinan Wang7
Estimated H-index: 7
(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
+ 2 AuthorsChunjie Zhao6
Estimated H-index: 6
(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
Gynostemma pentaphyllum (GP) is widely used for the treatment of diseases such as hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and obesity in China, and atorvastatin is a popular anti-hyperlipidemia drug. Based on GC/MS and metabonomic methods, this study focuses on the comparative metabolic profiling analysis of fatty acids in the plasma and liver of hyperlipidemic rats before and after treatment, in order to identify the treatment mechanism of the two drugs. Results obtained show that GP and atorvastatin can effectively improve the levels of saturated fatty acids, although atorvastatin has only a relatively weak regulatory effect on unsaturated fatty acids, whereas the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) GP can significantly improve the levels of arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
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Metabolomics has entered the well-established omic sciences as it is an indispensable information resource to achieve a global picture of biological systems. The aim of the present study was to estimate the influence of blood removal from mice liver as part of sample preparation for metabolomic and proteomic studies. For this purpose, perfused mice liver tissue (i.e. with blood removed) and unperfused mice liver tissue (i.e. containing blood) were compared by two-dimensional gas chromatography t...
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In this study, we have developed and validated a simple, accurate and sensitive gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method for simultaneous quantification of 18 fatty acids in rat serum, including both non-esterified (NEFA) and esterified (EFA) fatty acids, and subsequent analysis of fatty acid metabolic profiles. This novel method was used to evaluate the serum levels of fatty acids from vehicle- and acetaminophen (APAP)-treated rats. Serum levels of 7 NEFAs and 14 EFAs were significan...
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Gynostemma pentaphyllum (GP) is widely used for the treatment of diseases such as hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and obesity in China, and atorvastatin is broadly used as an anti-hyperlipidemia drug. This research focuses on the plasma and liver metabolites in the following four groups of rats: control, a hyperlipidemia model, a hyperlipidemia model treated with GP and a hyperlipidemia model treated with atorvastatin. Using 1H-NMR-based metabonomics, we elucidated the therapeutic mechanisms of GP a...
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Abstract The potential use of arachidonic acid (AA) to enhance the production of β-carotene in Blakeslea trispora was investigated in this work. To study the mechanism of the B. trispora response to AA, we used a systematic analytical approach to investigate the changes in the B. trispora cell metabolome at different time points after AA treatment. A maximum of β-carotene production was obtained when 0.4 g/l AA was added after 36 h of cultivation. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS)-bas...
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Obesity and homocysteine (tHcy) are important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Plasma omega-3 fatty acids (ω-3 FAs) and omega-6 fatty acids (ω-6 FAs) are essential fatty acids with diverse biological effects in human health and disease. We have investigated the relation of plasma ω-3 FAs and ω-6 FAs levels with other cardiovascular risk factors including tHcy in severe obese subjects. This study was performed on 96 severe obese and 65 normal weight subjects. Plasma fatty acid comp...
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Background Icosapent ethyl (IPE; formerly AMR101) is a high-purity prescription form of eicosapentaenoic acid ethyl ester. In the MARINE study we evaluated the efficacy and safety of IPE in patients with very high triglycerides (TG; ≥500 mg/dL) and previously demonstrated significant reductions in TG levels with no significant increases in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. Objectives In this follow-up, exploratory analysis, we report the effects of IPE on lipoprotein particle con...
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In the present study, the protective effects of gypenosides from Gynostemma pentaphyllum on fatty liver disease (FLD) were examined in rats treated with high fat and cholesterol diet and alcohol. Male SD rats were divided into seven groups: control, model, lovastatin, silymarin, gypenosides high-, medium- and low-treatment groups. The latter 6 groups were fed high-fat and cholesterol diet and administered alcohol intragastricly once a day. Body weight was measured every week for 10 weeks, and th...
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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most severe type of chronic inflammatory disease and has always been a research hotspot in different fields. In this study, a non-targeted metabonomics approach was carried out to profile metabolic characteristics of RA and its Chinese medicine subtypes by using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Plasma samples of 57 RA patients and 23 healthy controls were collected. On the basis of the traditional C...
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#1Ning Li (SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)H-Index: 28
Last. Yuqing Zhao (SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)H-Index: 16
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Abstract Five novel triterpenes were isolated from hydrolyzate of total saponins from Gynostemma pentaphyllum and identified as gypensapogenin A ( 1 ), gypensapogenin B ( 2 ), gypensapogenin C ( 3 ), 3-O- β - d -glucopyranosyl-gypensapogenin D ( 4 ) and gypensapogenin D ( 5 ), two of which ( 1 and 2 ) possess unprecedented ring A. The cyclization of the side chains-3 formed five-membered cyclic ketone rings similar to ring E in 1. The 21-oic acid-21, 23-lactone was present in the side chains of ...
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Metabolism has an essential role in biological systems. Identification and quantitation of the compounds in the metabolome is defined as metabolic profiling, and it is applied to define metabolic changes related to genetic differences, environmental influences and disease or drug perturbations. Chromatography-mass spectrometry (MS) platforms are frequently used to provide the sensitive and reproducible detection of hundreds to thousands of metabolites in a single biofluid or tissue sample. Here ...
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Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance G. pentaphyllum, also known as Jiao-Gu-Lan, has been used traditionally as folk remedies for many diseases, including diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases in China and some countries in East and Southeast Asia. It is considered as an “immortality herb” in Guizhou Province, because it was consumed regularly by the elderly native inhabitants. Other species of the same genus Gynostemma such as G. longipes and G. laxum h...
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American ginseng and Asian ginseng, which occupy prominent positions in the list of best-selling natural products in the West and East, are suitable for different indications in the traditional pha...
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Glycation as a type of non-enzymatic protein modification is related to aging and chronic diseases, especially diabetes. Global analysis of protein glycation will aid in a better understanding of its formation mechanism and biological significance. In this work, we comprehensively investigated protein glycation in human cells (HEK293T, Jurkat, and MCF7 cells). The current results indicated that this non-enzymatic modification was not random, and protein at the extracellular regions and the nucle...
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Abstract Guizhi Fuling capsule (GFC) was an important traditional Chinese herbal medicine used for the treatment of primary dysmenorrheal (PD). The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-dysmenorrheal effect of GFC on dysmenorrheal rats induced by oxytocin and to investigate its mechanism of action. An integrative urinary metabolomic study based on 1H NMR and UPLC–MS was used to investigate the therapeutic effect of GFC on PD rats. In addition, in order to obtain more potential biomarkers an...
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Summary The mechanism of asthenozoospermia remains unclear. The knowledge of the metabolism of fatty acids in seminal plasma is important and meaningful for the pathological study of asthenozoospermia. We present an optimised assay of extraction and derivatisation followed by GC/MS to analyse metabolites, especially fatty acids, in seminal plasma from healthy and asthenozoospermic men. Eighty-nine peaks including 17 kinds of fatty acids were analysed and identified in the chromatogram. The GC/MS...
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ABSTRACTThe Pb-accumulator Sedum alfredii is a good phytoremediation material, and widely used in the phytoremediation research of soils contaminated with Pb. The root exudates from it may be playing a significant role in the process of phytoremediation. In this study, the metabonomics method which based on gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) and pattern recognition analysis was used to identify the remarkable root exudates from S. alfredii under different Pb stresses, including exposur...
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Abstract1. A filamentous fungus, Cunninghamella blakesleeana CGMCC 3.970, was applied as a microbial system to mimic mammalian metabolism of 4,5-dimethoxyl-canthin-6-one (1). Compound 1 belongs to canthin-6-one type alkaloids, which is a major bioactive constituent of a traditional Chinese medicine (the stems of Picrasma quassioides).2. After 72 h of incubation in potato dextrose broth, 1 was metabolized to seven metabolites as follows: 4-methoxyl-5-hydroxyl-canthin-6-one (M1), 4-hydroxyl-5-meth...
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Phytoremediation is an effective method to remediate Pb-contaminated soils and root exudates play an important role in this process. Based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and metabolomics method, this study focuses on the comparative metabolic profiling analysis of root exudates from the Pb-accumulating and non-accumulating ecotypes of Sedum alfredii treated with 0 and 50 μmol/L Pb. The results obtained show that plant type and Pb stress can significantly change the concentration...
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Last. Chunjie Zhao (SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)H-Index: 6
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Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance Cortex Fraxini (CF) is an important traditional Chinese herbal medicine used for the treatment of gout and hyperuricemia. Aim of the study The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-hyperuricemic effect of CF on hyperuricemic rats and to investigate its mechanism of action. Materials and methods Metabolomics based on NMR and MS was used to study the therapeutic effect of CF on hyperuricemic rats. Plasma determination of uric acid (UA) showed that CF tr...
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Hyperlipidemia is a major cause of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Poria cocos (PC) is a medicinal product widely used in Asia. This study was undertaken to define the alterations of lipid metabolites in rats fed a high-fat diet to induce hyperlipidemia and to explore efficacy and mechanism of action of PC in the treatment of diet-induced hyperlipidemia. Plasma samples were then analyzed using UPLC-HDMS. The untreated rats fed a high-fat diet exhibited significant elevation of plasma tri...
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