A revised contact stiffness model of rough curved surfaces based on the length scale

Published on Dec 1, 2021in Tribology International4.271
· DOI :10.1016/J.TRIBOINT.2021.107206
Xin Yu (WHU: Wuhan University), Yunyun Sun (WHU: Wuhan University)+ 1 AuthorsShijing Wu (WHU: Wuhan University)
Abstract null null Based on the continuity of length scale for asperities, a complete model of normal stiffness between curved fractal surfaces considering friction factor is proposed. Through the coupling of critical base diameter and contact area, deformation modes of all asperities are determined, and contact stiffness of the whole rough surface is derived by double integral. Accordingly, effects of contact load, surface topography, friction factor, size parameters and material properties on the contact stiffness are investigated. Results show that contact stiffness depends sensitively on the fractal dimension, and exhibits nonmonotonic characteristics as fractal roughness varies across scales. Finally, predicted values of normal stiffness are compared with existing contact models as well as experimental data.
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Friction pervades nearly every aspect of our daily lives and has played a central role in technology ever since man created fire by rubbing sticks together. Despite its fundamental importance, a microscopic understanding of friction has remained elusive. Friction ultimately results from atomic-scale interactions between contacting bodies, but elastic and plastic deformations at larger scales and material transport control the area and composition of the contacting regions. Such atomic-scale inte...
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Abstract Considering the influence of roughness on the normal contact stiffness of gears, a fractal contact model suited for gear pair contact has been established. On the basis of modified fractal contact model, the asperity contact stiffness is calculated, thus the fractal contact compliance can be obtained. By substituting the nonlinear Hertz contact compliance with the fractal contact compliance, the effects of roughness on the time-varying mesh characteristics (including mesh stiffness (TVM...
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Abstract In this paper an evaluation of sequential ball end milling-burnishing process of a curvilinear surfaces has been presented by considering some technological and tribological aspects. During this study, a measurements of surface integrity indicators, as: surface topography, hardness and residual stresses were conducted on a machined sample. In addition, a ball-on-disc friction and wear tests of a machined samples were carried out. The effects of milling-burnishing process were compared w...
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The joint surfaces have a significant effect on the behavior of mechanical structures. Strong demand exists for the development of a model that can include the contact characteristics of joint surf...
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Abstract This work presents a semi-analytical model to evaluate the interfacial stiffness ratio of stationary contacts between rough surfaces. The rough contact interface is described as a homogenized thin layer with effective moduli, which are employed to characterize the ratio of the tangential to normal contact stiffness. In conjunction with the micro-contact analysis of the deformed asperity, effective moduli of the homogenized layer are determined by an ensemble average process of the modul...
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The purpose of this paper is to establish a stiffness model of fixed joint considering self-affinity and elastoplasticity of asperities.,The proposed model considers that asperities of different scales are interrelated rather than independent. For elastoplastic contact, a spring-damper model and an elastic deformation ratio function were proposed to calculate the contact stiffness of asperities.,A revised fractal asperity model was proposed to calculate the contact stiffness of fixed joint, the ...
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The nonuniform cantilever beam and Hertzian contact model have been widely used to derive the mesh stiffness of spur gear assuming that the contact surface is absolutely frictionless. However, stud...
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Based on fractal geometry theory, the deformation state of the four stages of the asperity elastic, first elastoplastic, second elastoplastic, and fully plastic deformation and comprehensively considering the hardness of the asperity changes with the amount of deformation in elastoplastic deformation stage due to strain hardening are considered, thereby establishing a single-loading model of the joint interface. By introducing the pushing coefficient and the asperity frequency exponent, each cri...
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Abstract Spherical pump has a ball-in-socket contact pattern between piston and cylinder. Therefore, traditional Hertz contact theory is not applicable and fractal theory is employed to investigate the conformal contact between piston and cylinder in this paper. The asperities contact on roughness surface is regarded as Hertz contact and friction effects are considered. Besides, the contact coefficient is proposed, which is affected by the structural parameters of piston radius and radial cleara...
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#2Huifang Xiao (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)H-Index: 7
Last. Wennian Yu (Queen's University)H-Index: 12
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In this paper, an elastic interface model is developed to theoretically analyze the contact stiffness of a mixed lubrication surface where the solid and the lubricant contacts have to-be-determined contributions to the whole contact stiffness. The interfacial contact stiffness is composed of the solid contact stiffness and the lubricant contact stiffness, in which the two components are associated with each other via the equivalent thickness of lubricant. Based on the combination of two widely a...
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