Investigation of strategic human resources activity in corporate governance practices: A research with Artificial Neural Networks

Published on Apr 3, 2021in Journal of Transnational Management
· DOI :10.1080/15475778.2021.1915568
M. Adil Salepçioğlu (Istanbul Aydın University), Burcu Sarı
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Teknoloji gelistirme bolgeleri, universite ve sanayinin deneyimlerini paylasarak teknolojik bilgilerin uretildigi ve ticarilestirildigi ortamlardir. Ulkelerin teknoloji politikalarinin odaginda olan teknoloji gelistirme bolgeleri ya da teknoparklar, tum dunyada oldugu gibi ulkemizin de onem verdigi bir konudur ve surekli yatirimlar yapilarak yeni teknoparklarin acilmasi saglanmaktadir. Bu calismada, Yapay Sinir Aglari ve Lojistik Regresyon Analizi, Veri Zarflama Analizi ile butunlesik olarak kul...
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Borsa Istanbul Kurumsal yonetim endeksinin amaci uygun kurumsal yonetim notu alan sirketlerin fiyat ve getiri performanslarini olcmektir. Şirketlerin sermaye yapilarinin bu performanslara etkisinin olup olmadigi onemli bir husustur. Bu calismanin temel amaci endekste yer alan sirketlerin finansal kaldirac oraninin firma degerine olan etkisinin olculmesidir. Calismada BIST-XKURY endeksinde yer alan sirketlerin 2010-2014 yillari arasindaki finansal kaldirac oranlari ve aylik hisse senedi getiri ve...
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Human resources has become very important as a strategic examination of issue for today’s business. Changing internal and external environmental conditions and new management approaches it is required for businesses to pay more attention to the human elements. Businesses aim at transferring from a structure which they try to form in their selves with the policies of human resources management to another structure which is open to change and thinking strategically with a vision and forming the st...
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#1Fianna Jesover (OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)H-Index: 2
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The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance were revised in 2004 to respond to corporate governance developments including corporate scandals that further focused the minds of governments on improving corporate governance practices. Since they were first issued in 1999, the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance have gained worldwide recognition as an international benchmark for sound corporate governance. They are actively used by governments, regulators, investors, corporations and stakeholde...
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Abstract Because of the “all-or-none” character of nervous activity, neural events and the relations among them can be treated by means of propositional logic. It is found that the behavior of every net can be described in these terms, with the addition of more complicated logical means for nets containing circles; and that for any logical expression satisfying certain conditions, one can find a net behaving in the fashion it describes. It is shown that many particular choices among possible neu...
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