A fuzzy rule based approach for islanding detection in grid connected inverter systems

Published on Dec 1, 2021in International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
· DOI :10.11591/IJECE.V11I6.PP%P
Naima Ikken3
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The advancement of new technologies such as wind turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation and new innovations in power electronics, customer demands for quality and reliability of energy are forcing the industry to redirect energy towards distributed generation. For this reason, the power industry has recently begun to decentralize power generation due to market deregulation and environmental issues. Islanding occurs when part of the power distribution system is electrically isolated from the rest of the electrical system while still being powered by distributed generators. An important condition for the interconnection of power plants and distribution systems is the ability of the power plant to detect islands. The proposed method is a combination of best active SFS method with the intelligent fuzzy logic controller, which has been tested in distributed production using the island detection function. And the choice to improve the method by fuzzy logic control is retained, as this process is more effective in reducing the NDZ and in further improving the efficiency of the islanding detection system. This paper presents a new method of active islanding detection controlled by the Fuzzy Logic Controller, for grid-connected photovoltaic inverters. In addition, the performance and efficiency of the proposed method strategy for islanding detection has been analyzed and tested under different grid conditions. And the results of the simulations with the PSIM software will be provided to illustrate the main conclusions and the development of the control. Thus, will be used to show the feasibility and validity of the proposed new algorithm.
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