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Currently, wireless telecommunications systems have become more widespread and there is still a discrepancy between whether or not non-ionizing radiation produces health problems in living beings at the molecular or cellular level. From an experimental point of view, it is interesting to raise the correlation of high levels of electromagnetic pollution with health problems in urban populations which would make it possible to clearly determine the effects of this type of radiation on human health...
In an Indian law system, different courts publish their legal proceedings every month for future reference of legal experts and common people. Extensive manual labor and time are required to analyze and process the information stored in these lengthy complex legal documents. Automatic legal document processing is the solution to overcome drawbacks of manual processing and will be very helpful to the common man for a better understanding of a legal domain. In this paper, we are exploring the rece...
The ECG signal processing methods are tested and evaluated based on many databases. The most ECG database used for many researchers is the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database. The QRS-detection algorithms are essential for ECG analyses to detect the beats for the ECG signal. There is no standard number of beats for this database that are used from numerous researches. Different beat numbers are calculated for the researchers depending on the difference in understanding the annotation file. In this paper...
The advancement of new technologies such as wind turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation and new innovations in power electronics, customer demands for quality and reliability of energy are forcing the industry to redirect energy towards distributed generation. For this reason, the power industry has recently begun to decentralize power generation due to market deregulation and environmental issues. Islanding occurs when part of the power distribution system is electrically isolated ...
An enhanced method for design of decenralised Proportional Integral (PI) controllers to control various variables of flotation columns is proposed. These columns are multivariable processes characterised by multiple interacting manipulated and controlled variables. The control of more than one variable is not an easy problem to solve as a change in a specific manipulated variable affects more than one controlled variable. Paper proposes an improved method for design of decentralized PI controlle...
#2Iqbal M. BatihaH-Index: 4
Last. A. K. Alomari (YU: Yarmouk University)H-Index: 15
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This paper introduces some new straightforward and yet power- ful formulas in the form of power series solutions together with their residual errors for approximating the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative operator. These formulas are derived by utilizing some of forthright computations, and by utilizing the so-called Weighted Mean Value Theorem (WMVT). Undoubt- edly, such formulas will be extremely useful in establishing new approaches for several solutions of linear and nonlinear fraction...
#1Mahmoud M. Smadi (JUST: Jordan University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 9
#2Mahmoud H. Alrefaei (JUST: Jordan University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 11
The Rayleigh distribution was proposed in the fields of acoustics and optics by lord Rayleigh. It has wide applications in communication theory, such as description of instantaneous peak power of received radio signals, i.e. study of vibrations and waves. It has also been used for modeling of wave propagation, radiation, synthetic aperture radar images, and lifetime data in engineering and clinical studies. This work proposes two new extensions of the Rayleigh distribution, namely the rayleigh i...
Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a modern technology in the cyber world, and it integrates with Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). This system is widely used in many applications such as a smart city, greenhouse, healthcare, power grid...etc. Therefore, the data security and integrity are necessary to ensure the highest level of protection and performance for such systems. In this paper, two sides security system for cyber-physical level is proposed to obtain security, privacy, and integrity. Hw first...
Neutrosophic concept is known undirected graph theory to involve with complex logistic networks, not clearly given and unpredictable real life situations, where fuzzy logic malfunctions to model. The transportation objective is to ship all logistic nodes in the network. The logistic network mostly experiences in stable condition, but for some edges found to be volatile. The weight of these erratic edges may vary at random (bridge-lifting/bascule, adhoc accident on road, traffic condition) In thi...
#1Ruaa AlsabahH-Index: 1
#2Mustafa Aljshamee (University of Rostock)H-Index: 1
Last. Ali Al-SabbaghH-Index: 2
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The Internet is considered to be the most advanced technology today and a gateway to modern communication and the sharing of information, products, services, and technology. Nowadays, users want to be able to access anywhere and anytime several services and applications, which is increasing data traffic and triggering a mobile data explosion. Iraq has major problems in increasing the growth and use of the Internet and changing the standard method of communication. This is a big challenge, howeve...
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