Retrospective audit in use of hypertonic saline with the management of acute symptomatic hyponatraemia with hospitalized patients

We introduced the hospital policy on the management of severe symptomatic hyponatraemia (SSH), with hypertonic saline (HS) of 1.8% and 5% saline in 2017. This is one of the few UK centres to offer this treatment, therefore the evidence is limited. The policy was based on European and American guidelines (1) (2). Objectives To study the adherence, and effectiveness, of this guideline in managing patients with SSH. Methods Patients were identified using the Biochemistry tracking system between 01/01/18 until 14/05/20. The terms - Hypona, sod, Hypertonic, 5%, 1.8% as were searched. The laboratory result system was used to identify hyponatraemic
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