On Optimization of Manufacturing of an Enhanced Swing Differential Colpitts Oscillator Based on Heterostructures to Increase Density of their Elements: Influence of Miss-Match Induced Stress

E. L. Pankratov (Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University)
This paper presents an analytical approach to model linear and nonlinear mass and heat transport with space and time varying parameters. The approach gives a possibility to predict mass and heat transport in multilayer structures without crosslinking the solution on interfaces between layers in these structures. Based on the approach, we analyzed the possibility to increase the density of field-effect heterotransistors in an enhanced swing differential Colpitts oscillator. The results indicate that the increase in the density of these transistors could be obtained by manufacturing them in a heterostructure with specific configuration using dopant diffusion or ion implantation with future optimized annealing. We also found that the fulfillment of specific detected conditions gives a possibility to decrease the mismatch-induced stress, which was generated in layers of the considered heterostructure.
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