Real power loss reduction by arctic char algorithm

Published on Dec 23, 2020in International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences
· DOI :10.11591/IJAAS.V9.I4.PP261-264
This work presents Arctic Char Algorithm (ACA) for solving optimal reactive power problem. In North America movement of Arctic char phenomenon is one among the twelve-monthly innate actions. Deeds of Arctic char have been imitated to design the algorithm. In stochastic mode solutions are initialized with one segment on every side of to the route ascendancy; particularly in between lower bound and upper bounds. Previous to the movement, Arctic char come to a decision about the passageway based on their perception. This implies stochastic mix up of control parameters to push the Arctic char groups (preliminary solution) in mutual pathway (evolutionary operators). Projected Arctic Char Algorithm (ACA) has been tested in standard IEEE 14,300 bus test system and simulation results show the projected algorithm reduced the real power loss extensively.
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