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This paper presents Dynamic Membrane Evolutionary Algorithm (DMEA) has been applied to solve optimal reactive power problem. Proposed methodology merges the fusion and division rules of P systems with active membranes and with adaptive differential evolution (ADE), particle swarm optimization (PSO) exploration stratagem. All elementary membranes are amalgamated into one membrane in the computing procedure. Furthermore, integrated membrane are alienated into the elementary membranes 1, 2,_, m . I...
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin films have been deposited for five different molarity (M) of Zinc acetate hydrated (0.075, 0.1, 0.125, 0.15, 0.175 M) using simple spray technique to study the effect of Zinc ion concentration on structure, morphology and optical properties. The XRD patterns of deposited ZnO thin films show tetragonal crystal structure with wurtzite symmetry. The effect of molarity on morphology was studied using Scanning Electron microscopy (SEM). The elemental analysis was studied by usin...
The heart of the machining center design is the spindle design, and one of the primary functions in the spindle design is a tool clamping system mechanism. The selection of disc spring stack for a tool clamping mechanism is an iterative process that highly depends on the spindle space availability, drawbar design, tool unclamp stroke length, and standard clamping force requirements. For example, even a design space of 0.1 mm may impact one kN clamping force depending on the disc spring stack des...
The small aspect, as well as low margins of the microstrip chip amplifier (MPA), is being used in a contact system and for the last few times within the last year's research, the majority of work with MPA has been centered towards designing the portable antenna design. Wireless networking systems may be fitted with a new ultrawideband digital monopoly antenna. Throughout this exponentially changing environment, and dual multi-standard antennas play a crucial role in the implementation of cell to...
In this paper optimal reactive power problem is solved by Mountain Zebra Algorithm (MZA), Augmented Bat algorithm (AB) and Improved Kidney Search (IKS) algorithm. Mountain Zebra Algorithm (MZA) emulates the searching techniques of the Mountain Zebra behaviour. Mountain Zebra search in group to find the food. Alike to plain zebras, Mountain zebras do not be in cumulative into big herds; only they structure as small family groups consisting of a solo stallion around one to five mares, jointly with...
Herein, the adsorption of heavy metal ions thiol modified oak charcoal was investigated. The obtained modified charcoal has been characterized by X-ray diffraction, granulometric analysis and infrared spectroscopy. Then, its adsorption efficiency for the removal of Cd 2+ , Cu 2+ and Pb 2+ from aqueous solutions was tested. The effects of contact time, pH, electrolytes and initial metal ions concentration on metal ions removal were investigated. The adsorption capacities were high (197, 250 and 2...
This paper projects Opposition based Red Wolf Optimization (ORWO) algorithm for solving optimal reactive power problem. Each Red wolf has a flag vector in the algorithm, and length is equivalent to the whole sum of numbers which features in the dataset of the wolf optimization (WO). In this projected algorithm Red wolf optimization algorithm has been intermingled with opposition based learning (OBL). By this amalgamate procedure the convergence speed of the projected algorithm will be increased....
A microgrid makes the existing radial distribution network dynamic and more complicated. The researchers suggest a microgrid as an entity to provide reliable, quality and efficient supply of both electricity and heat demands to its customers. A microgrid is a conglomerate of various types of devices in the distribution system. And all these types of devices, like DGs, communication type, microgrid topology, grounding type, transformer type etc, to name a few, require fulfilling the various aspec...
World is facing acute energy crisis as a result of which there is a need for renewable energy sources. Increase in demands and environmental issues lead to rise in renewable energy. Solar energy is being increasing and is being adopted by many countries but the output power is not constant because of two factors radiation and temperature. And also photo voltaic V-I characteristics are non linear in nature. So MPPT algorithm is applied to increase the overall efficiency. There are many MPPT algor...
In this work Rain Drop Optimization (RDO) Algorithm is projected to reduce power loss. Proceedings of Rain drop have been imitated to model the RDO algorithm. Natural action of rain drop is flowing downwards form the peak and it may form small streams during the headway from the mountain or hill. As by gravitation principle raindrop flow as stream then as river form the peak of mountains or hill then it reach the sea as global optimum. Proposed Rain Drop Optimization (RDO) Algorithm evaluated in...
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