Secoiridoid Glycosides from the Twigs of Ligustrum obtusifolium Possess Anti-inflammatory and Neuroprotective Effects.

Published on Jan 1, 2018in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin1.416
· DOI :10.1248/CPB.C17-00720
Won Se Suh8
Estimated H-index: 8
(SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University),
Oh Kil Kwon2
Estimated H-index: 2
(SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University)
+ 3 AuthorsKang Ro Lee37
Estimated H-index: 37
(SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University)
: Two new secoiridoid glycosides, obtusifolisides A and B (1, 2), together with 7 known secoiridoid glycosides (3-9) were isolated from the twigs of Ligustrum obtusifolium. The chemical structures of new compounds were determined by a spectroscopic data analysis, including one and two dimensional (1D-, 2D)-NMR, High resolution-MS, and experiments involving chemical reactions. The isolated secoiridoid glycosides were evaluated for their anti-inflammatory effects in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated BV-2 murine microglia cells. Compounds 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9 significantly reduced the production of nitric oxide (NO), with IC50 values of 5.45, 11.17, 14.62, 15.45, and 14.96 µM, respectively. None of the compounds were toxic to the cells. Additionally, we evaluated the neuroprotective effects of compounds 1-9 on nerve growth factor (NGF) induction in a C6 rat glioma cell line. Compounds 2 and 6 upregulated NGF secretion to 155.56±7.16%, and 139.35±11.65%, respectively, without significant cell toxicity.
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Nitric oxide (NO) is a neurotransmitter that mediates the activation and inhibition of inflammatory cascades. Even though physiological NO is required for defense against various pathogens, excessive NO can trigger inflammatory signaling and cell death through reactive nitrogen species-induced oxidative stress. Excessive NO production by activated microglial cells is specifically associated with neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, amyo...
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Abstract In the course of our continuing search for biologically active compounds from medicinal sources, we investigated the MeOH extract of the aerial parts of Coriandrum sativum Linn. An extended phytochemical investigation of the aerial parts of C. sativum led to the isolation and identification of seven compounds (1-7) including two new isocoumarin glycosides (1-2) and a new phenolic glycoside (5). The chemical structures of the new compounds (1, 2, and 5) were elucidated by analysis of 1D ...
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Abstract Ten previously undescribed glycosides, carissaedulosides A-J (1-10) referring to six apiosylated phenylpropanoids (1-6), one coumarin-secoiridoid hybrid (7), and three furofuran lignans (8-10) were isolated from the root barks of Carissa edulis, together with 13 known analogues (11-23). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis, ECD computational methods, and chemical derivations for configurations of sugar moieties. The new lignan bisdesmoside, 10, exhibited significan...
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Three new oleanane-type triterpenoidal glycosides, imbalosides A–C (1–3), were isolated from the white flowers of Impatiens balsamina. The structures of these phytochemical constituents (1–3) were elucidated through 1D and 2D Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) data analyses followed by chemical methods. All the characterized compounds (1–3) were evaluated for their antiproliferative activity against four human tumor cell lines (A549, SK-OV-3, SK-MEL-2, and BT549) and the...
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Iridoids are a class of active compounds that widely exist in the plant kingdom. In recent years, with advances in phytochemical research, many compounds with novel structure and outstanding activity have been identified. Iridoid compounds have been confirmed to mainly exist as the prototype and aglycone and Ι and II metabolites, by biological transformation. These metabolites have been shown to have neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic...
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Multifloroside (4), together with 10-hydroxyoleoside 11-methyl ester (1), 10-hydroxyoleoside dimethyl ester (2), and 10-hydroxyligustroside (3), are all secoiridoids, which are naturally occurring compounds that possess a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities. However, the anti-cancer activity of 1–4 has not been evaluated yet. The objective of this work was to study the anti-cancer activities of 1–4 in the human epidermoid carcinoma cell lines A431 and the human non-small cell...
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Background. Huzhentongfeng (HZTF) is an extract from four Chinese medical herbs for treating gout. This study aims to evaluate its antigout activity and preliminary explore its mechanism in vivo and in vitro. Methods. The rats were intragastrically administered with HZTF for 5 days and then injected 0.1 ml (10 mg) of MSU crystals to their joints for generating a gout model to analyze the paw volume and histopathology of joint synovial tissues of rats with different doses. We also investigated th...
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Abstract In the quest to search and discover bioactive compounds from nature, terpenoids have emerged as one of the most interesting and researched classes of compounds. Secoiridoid, a type of the terpenoid, has also been extensively studied, especially their chemical structures and pharmacological effects. Oleaceae is a family of woody dicotyledonous plants with broad economic and medicinal values. This family contains a large number of flavonoids, monoterpenoids, iridoids, secoiridoids and phe...
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