Hydroxyapatite Nanowire-Based All-Weather Flexible Electrically Conductive Paper with Superhydrophobic and Flame-Retardant Properties.

Published on Nov 2, 2017in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces8.758
· DOI :10.1021/ACSAMI.7B09484
Fei-Fei Chen14
Estimated H-index: 14
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences),
Ying-Jie Zhu81
Estimated H-index: 81
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
+ 4 AuthorsRi-Long Yang13
Estimated H-index: 13
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
How to survive under various harsh working conditions is a key challenge for flexible electronic devices because their performances are always susceptible to environments. Herein, we demonstrate the novel design and fabrication of a new kind of the all-weather flexible electrically conductive paper based on ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires (HNs) with unique combination of the superhydrophobic surface, electrothermal effect, and flame retardancy. The superhydrophobic surface with water repellency stabilizes the electrically conductive performance of the paper in water. For example, the electrical current through the superhydrophobic paper onto which water droplets are deposited shows a little change (0.38%), and the electrical performance is steady as well even when the paper is immersed in water for 120 s (just 3.65% change). In addition, the intrinsic electrothermal effect of the electrically conductive paper can efficiently heat the paper to reach a high temperature, for example, 224.25 °C, within 10 ...
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Large-scale biomimetic organic/inorganic hybrid nanocoatings with a nacre-like microstructure were prepared via a facile coassembly process. Different from conventional polymer nanocomposites, these nanocoatings contain a high concentration of nanosheets, which can be well aligned along the substrate surface. Moreover, the nanosheets and polymer matrix can be chemically co–cross-linked. As a result, the nanocoatings exhibit exceptional mechanical properties (high stiffness and strength), barrier...
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High-speed absorption of vicious crude oil spill into oil sorbent was realized by introducing the Joule heating effect of graphene to the interface between the skeleton surfaces of sorbent and oil.
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High-performance supercapacitors (SCs) are promising energy storage devices to meet the pressing demand for future wearable applications. Because the surface area of a human body is limited to 2 m2, the key challenge in this field is how to realize a high areal capacitance for SCs, while achieving rapid charging, good capacitive retention, flexibility, and waterproofing. To address this challenge, low-cost materials are used including multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT), reduced graphene oxide (RG...
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An innovative method for making a new kind of highly flexible, fireproof, inorganic, nanocomposite paper made from glass fibers (GFs) coated with network-structured hydroxyapatite ultralong nanowires (NS-HANWs) is reported. The NS-HANW/GF paper is fireproof, high-temperature resistant, highly flexible, highly exquisite, and smooth, which is comparable to high-quality advanced coated paper. The most incredible characteristic of the NS-HANW/GF paper is its incombustibility. The as-prepared NS-HANW...
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The highly flexible multifunctional biopaper comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires and chitosan (UHANWs/CS) with high weight fractions of ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires (UHANWs) up to 100 wt.% is reported herein. The as-prepared UHANWs/CS composite biopaper has high flexibility and superior mechanical properties even when the weight fraction of UHANWs is as high as 90 wt.%. In contrast, the control samples consisting of hydroxyapatite nanorods and chitosan (HANRs/CS) with weight frac...
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With the recent emergence of flexible and wearable optoelectronic devices, the achievement of sufficient bendability and stretchability of transparent and conducting electrodes (TCEs) has become an important requirement. Although metal-mesh-based structures have been investigated for TCEs because of their excellent performances, the fabrication of mesh or grid structures with a submicron line width is still complex due to the requirements of laborious lithography and pattern transfer steps. Here...
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Directly printed superhydrophobic surfaces containing conducting nanomaterials can be used for a wide range of applications in terms of nonwetting, anisotropic wetting, and electrical conductivity. Here, we demonstrated that direct-printable and flexible superhydrophobic surfaces were fabricated on flexible substrates via with an ultrafacile and scalable screen printing with carbon nanotube (CNT)-based conducting pastes. A polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-polyethylene glycol (PEG) copolymer was used ...
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Practical applications of nanostructured materials have been largely limited by the difficulties in controllable and scaled-up synthesis, large-sized highly ordered self-assembly, and macroscopic processing of nanostructures. Hydroxyapatite (HAP), the major inorganic component of human bone and tooth, is an important biomaterial with high biocompatibility, bioactivity, and high thermal stability. Large-sized highly ordered HAP nanostructures are of great significance for applications in various ...
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Traditional paper made from plant cellulose fibers is easily destroyed by either liquid or fire. In addition, the paper making industry consumes a large amount of natural trees and thus causes serious environmental problems including excessive deforestation and pollution. In consideration of the intrinsic flammability of organics and minimizing the effects on the environment and creatures, biocompatible ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires are an ideal building material for inorganic fire-resistan...
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Last. Zhouping Yin (HUST: Huazhong University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 29
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The rapid advancements of wearable electronics have caused a paradigm shift in consumer electronics, and the emerging development of stretchable electronics opens a new spectrum of applications for electronic systems. Playing a critical role as the power sources for independent electronic systems, energy harvesters with high flexibility or stretchability have been the focus of research efforts over the past decade. A large number of the flexible energy harvesters developed can only operate at ve...
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Abstract null null Flexible textile integrating superhydrophobicity with electrical conductivity is strongly desirable for emerging application horizons such as wearable electronic sensors, electronic skin, and corrosion-resistant circuits. However, it is still constrained to realize the integration of superhydrophilicity, electrical conductivity and suitability for various harsh environments. Herein a simple one-step dip coating route is developed to prepare the Ag-Zn (OH)2@STA composite coatin...
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Abstract Aqueous rechargeable batteries (ARBs) have received widespread attention and made great progress due to their intrinsic safety, facile assembly, and low cost. However, ARBs have high sensitivity to temperature which seriously hinders their practical applications. At low temperature, the solvent water freeze and the ionic conductivity of aqueous electrolytes is greatly reduced. At high temperature, the gas bubbling and gas expansion arise by fast evaporation of solvent water, and electro...
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Cellulose fiber (CF) paper is a low-cost, sustainable, and flexible substrate, which has gained increasing interest recently. Before practical usage, the functionalization of the pristine CF paper is indispensable to meet requirements of specific applications. Different from conventional surface modification or physical mixing methods, we report in situ growth of ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires (HAPNWs) with lengths larger than 10 μm on the CF paper. HAPNWs are radially aligned on the surface...
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Last. Feng-Lei Zhou (UCL: University College London)H-Index: 15
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Abstract How to function properly under extreme working conditions is a key challenge for flexible electronic devices because their performance is often susceptible to environmental conditions. Herein, we demonstrated the fabrication, evaluation, and application of a flexible and highly conductive meta-aramid fiber paper (MAFP) by combining oxygen plasma treatment and electroless silver plating. The plasma treatment etched the MAFP surface and introduced large amounts of oxygen-containing groups...
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This is the final report of the study aimed at assessing the antimicrobial activity of CP nanoparticles delivered in the form of hydroxyapatite (HAp) or amorphous CP (ACP) and understanding the fundamental principles behind their mechanisms of action. Not responding to propidium iodide and causing no gross morphological changes except moderate stress-induced filamentation in E. coli, CP nanoparticles were shown to be bacteriostatic, not bactericidal. Also, the lack of expression of genes involve...
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Abstract With the enlarging application of thermal conductive composites in aviation field and so on, not only high in-plane thermal conductivity (TC), mechanical flexibility and electrical insulation, but also thermal stability and fire resistance are critically desired. Although with outstanding advantages such as light weight, good flexibility and processability, the intrinsic flammability and high temperature intolerance are Achilles’ heel for most polymer-based thermal conductive composites...
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The morphology, nanostructures, and crystallinity of hydroxyapatite (HA) materials have significant effects on their physicochemical properties and biomedical applications. However, the controllable synthesis of HA nanomaterials with various size and morphology using the same synthesis system, though desirable, has remained a challenge. In this work, we successfully synthesized HA nanomaterials with different morphologies via a one-step solvothermal route in the same reaction system. By using (N...
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