Success factors of platform leadership in web 2.0 service business

Published on Feb 26, 2010in Service Business
· DOI :10.1007/S11628-010-0093-3
Sang M. Lee59
Estimated H-index: 59
(NU: University of Nebraska–Lincoln),
Taewan Kim1
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(NU: University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
+ 1 AuthorsByungku Lee4
Estimated H-index: 4
(NU: University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the critical success factors of platform leadership in the Web 2.0 based service business environment. Because of the lack of theoretical foundation for this topic, we adopted relevant theory and case study analyses. Representative Web 2.0 firms which have developed platform leadership were chosen and analyzed on the basis of previous research on platform strategy through spider web analysis. This study shows that Web 2.0 firms such as Google, Flickr, and differ in their competitive capabilities for platform leadership. The result of this research suggests that platform leadership in the Web 2.0 era depends on five interdependent dimensions: innovation ability, connectivity, complementarities, efficiency, and network effects.
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Abstract null null Based on a comprehensive literature survey, the constructs of the cybersecurity information sharing ecosystem have been defined in detail. Using this ecosystem, the interrelationships among the stakeholders with respect to cybersecurity information sharing are analyzed, the value parameters are determined, the value functions are defined, and the values obtained by the stakeholders through simulation are calculated. Furthermore, it is investigated whether the stakeholders invo...
This paper explores the use of simple rules and combines this concept with the art of building and leading a platform. This paper defines simple rules based on the works by Sull & Eisenhardt (2015). We will identify the four key features of simple rules and six different types of simple rules. We will explain the main advantages of simple rules and how these can be useful for the development and leadership of multi-sided platforms. We will also explain the concept of business platforms and disti...
Service platforms make available software applications as a service to end-users. Platforms enable noticeable economic benefits for scaling and transforming a business. Their long-term competitiveness is ensured in controlled cooperation with channel intermediaries and network partners. Hence, service platforms must be designed to harness self-enforcing effects of value generation, so-called network effects. In an exaptation of existing knowledge, we present an information systems design theory ...
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This paper applies grounded theory to explore the formation of platform leadership and its reputation through a single case study analysis of a Chinese energy internet platform enterprise CZB (Che Zhu Bang). Initially, CZB was a follower in China’s internet energy market. After clarifying and acquiring the entrepreneurial resources and the complementary assets it needed, CZB quickly established an energy internet platform and its platform leadership in two years. The research shows the mechanism...
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