N-terminus-modified Hec1 suppresses tumour growth by interfering with kinetochore–microtubule dynamics

Published on Jun 1, 2015in Oncogene7.971
· DOI :10.1038/ONC.2014.265
M Orticello1
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Mario Fiore5
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N-terminus-modified Hec1 suppresses tumour growth by interfering with kinetochore–microtubule dynamics
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#1Helder Maiato (IBMC: Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular)H-Index: 35
#2Elsa Logarinho (IBMC: Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular)H-Index: 19
Multipolar spindles are a feature of cancer cells often associated with chromosomal aberrations. In the final Review in our Series on Genomic Instability, Logarinho and Maiato discuss how multipolar spindles form, with an emphasis on the role of the loss of spindle pole integrity in this process.
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#1Lauren M. Zasadil (UW: University of Wisconsin-Madison)H-Index: 9
#2Kristen A. Andersen (UW: University of Wisconsin-Madison)H-Index: 7
Last. Beth A. Weaver (UW: University of Wisconsin-Madison)H-Index: 19
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The blockbuster chemotherapy drug paclitaxel is widely presumed to cause cell death in tumors as a consequence of mitotic arrest, as it does at concentrations routinely used in cell culture. However, we determine here that paclitaxel levels in primary breast tumors are well below those required to elicit sustained mitotic arrest. Instead, cells in these lower concentrations of drug proceed through mitosis without substantial delay and divide their chromosomes on multipolar spindles, resulting in...
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#1Lilian Kabeche (Dartmouth College)H-Index: 12
#2Duane A. Compton (Dartmouth College)H-Index: 51
Cyclin A is shown to maintain unstable kinetochore–microtubule (k–MT) attachments in prometaphase in order to allow for error correction; at the prometaphase–metaphase switch, k-MT attachments are stabilized when cyclin A drops below threshold levels.
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#1Aniek Janssen (UU: Utrecht University)H-Index: 13
#2René H. Medema (NKI-AVL: Netherlands Cancer Institute)H-Index: 82
Tumor cells typically contain a genome that is highly divergent from the genome of normal, non-transformed cells. This genetic divergence is caused by a number of distinct changes that the tumor cell acquires during its transformation from a normal cell into a tumorigenic counterpart. Changes to the genome include mutations, deletions, insertions, and also gross chromosomal aberrations, such as chromosome translocations and whole chromosome gains or losses. This genetic disorder of the tumor cel...
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#1Neil SenzerH-Index: 41
#1Neil Senzer (Texas Oncology)H-Index: 1
Last. Esther H. Chang (GUMC: Georgetown University Medical Center)H-Index: 45
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Selective delivery of therapeutic molecules to primary and metastatic tumors is optimal for effective cancer therapy. A liposomal nanodelivery complex (scL) for systemic, tumor-targeting delivery of anticancer therapeutics has been developed. scL employs an anti-transferrin receptor (TfR), scFv as the targeting molecule. Loss of p53 suppressor function, through mutations or inactivation of the p53 pathway, is present in most human cancers. Rather than being transiently permissive for tumor initi...
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#1Pascal H.G. Duijf (MSK: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)H-Index: 23
#2Robert Benezra (MSK: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)H-Index: 58
One form of chromosome instability (CIN), the recurrent missegregation of whole chromosomes during cell division (W-CIN), leads to aneuploidy. Although W-CIN is a hallmark of most cancers, mutations in genes involved in chromosome segregation are exceedingly rare. We discuss an oncogene-induced mitotic stress model that provides a mechanistic framework to explain this paradox. We also review the tumor-promoting and tumor-suppressing consequences of W-CIN. Importantly, we do this in the context o...
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Many cells of the immune system are defined by distinct surface markers, which can be used to restrict gene delivery exclusively to a cell type of choice. This article explains recent findings about a CD8-specific vector that enhances the killing of tumor cells in TCR-based gene transfer strategies.
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#1Mariangela Morlando (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 25
#2Stefano Dini Modigliani (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 5
Last. Irene BozzoniH-Index: 49
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microRNA abundance has been shown to depend on the amount of the microprocessor components or, in some cases, on specific auxiliary co-factors. In this paper, we show that the FUS/TLS (fused in sarcoma/translocated in liposarcoma) protein, associated with familial forms of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), contributes to the biogenesis of a specific subset of microRNAs. Among them, species with roles in neuronal function, differentiation and synaptogenesis were identified. We also show that F...
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#1Geetika Sethi (Drexel University)H-Index: 11
#2Harsh B. Pathak (KU: University of Kansas)H-Index: 17
Last. Andrew K. Godwin (KU: University of Kansas)H-Index: 65
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Targeted therapies have been used to combat many tumor types; however, few have effectively improved the overall survival in women with epithelial ovarian cancer, begging for a better understanding of this deadly disease and identification of essential drivers of tumorigenesis that can be targeted effectively. Therefore, we used a loss-of-function screening approach to help identify molecular vulnerabilities that may represent key points of therapeutic intervention. We employed an unbiased high-...
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#1Cornelia Wandke (Innsbruck Medical University)H-Index: 7
#2Marin Barisic (Innsbruck Medical University)H-Index: 16
Last. Stephan Geley (Innsbruck Medical University)H-Index: 32
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Chromokinesins are microtubule plus end–directed motor proteins that bind to chromosome arms. In Xenopus egg cell-free extracts, Xkid and Xklp1 are essential for bipolar spindle formation but the functions of the human homologues, hKID (KIF22) and KIF4A, are poorly understood. By using RNAi-mediated protein knockdown in human cells, we find that only co-depletion delayed progression through mitosis in a Mad2-dependent manner. Depletion of hKID caused abnormal chromosome arm orientation, delayed ...
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#1Shih-Hsien ChuangH-Index: 6
#2Ying-Shuan E. LeeH-Index: 2
Last. Jiann-Jyh Huang (NCYU: National Chiayi University)H-Index: 13
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Abstract Highly expressed in cancer 1 (Hec1) plays an essential role in mitosis and is correlated with cancer formation, progression, and survival. Phosphorylation of Hec1 by Nek2 kinase is essential for its mitotic function, thus any disruption of Hec1/Nek2 protein–protein interaction has potential for cancer therapy. We have developed T-1101 tosylate (9j tosylate, 9j formerly known as TAI-95), optimized from 4-aryl-N-pyridinylcarbonyl-2-aminothiazole of scaffold 9 by introducing various C-4’ s...
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#1Xuebing Yan (Tongji University)H-Index: 8
#2Linsheng Huang (Anhui Medical University)H-Index: 2
Last. Zhenshun Song (Tongji University)H-Index: 1
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: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common human malignancy worldwide and increasing studies have attributed its malignant progression to abnormal molecular changes in cancer cells. Nuclear division cycle 80 (NDC80) is a newly discovered oncoprotein that regulates cell proliferation and cycle in numerous malignancies. However, its clinical significance and biological role in CRC remain unclear. Therefore, in this study, we firstly analyze its expression in a retrospective cohort enrolling 224 CRC pat...
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#1Manuela Ferrara (National Research Council)H-Index: 3
#2G Sessa (National Research Council)H-Index: 1
Last. Francesca Degrassi (National Research Council)H-Index: 3
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Highly expressed in cancer protein 1 (Hec1) is a subunit of the kinetochore (KT)-associated Ndc80 complex, which ensures proper segregation of sister chromatids at mitosis by mediating the interaction between KTs and microtubules (MTs). HEC1 mRNA and protein are highly expressed in many malignancies as part of a signature of chromosome instability. These properties render Hec1 a promising molecular target for developing therapeutic drugs that exert their anticancer activities by producing massiv...
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#1Shivangi Agarwal (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 13
#2Dileep Varma (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 13
: A colossal amount of basic research over the past few decades has provided unprecedented insights into the highly complex process of cell division. There is an ever-expanding catalog of proteins that orchestrate, participate and coordinate in the exquisite processes of spindle formation, chromosome dynamics and the formation and regulation of kinetochore microtubule attachments. Use of classical microtubule poisons has still been widely and often successfully used to combat a variety of cancer...
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#1Nelson RangelH-Index: 8
Last. Milena Rondón-LagosH-Index: 9
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Recently, non-clonal chromosomal alterations previously unappreciated are being proposed to be included in cytogenetic practice. The aim of this inclusion is to obtain a greater understanding of chromosomal instability (CIN) and tumor heterogeneity and their role in cancer evolution and therapy response. Although several genetic assays have allowed the evaluation of the variation in a population of cancer cells, these assays do not provide information at the level of individual cells, therefore ...
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#2Mario FioreH-Index: 17
Last. Renata CozziH-Index: 21
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Natural compounds are extensively studied for their potential use in traditional and non-traditional medicine. Several natural and synthetic Resveratrol analogues have shown interesting biological activities in the field of cancer chemoprevention. In the present study, we have focused on the ability of Resveratrol and two methoxylated derivatives (Trimethoxystilbene and Pterostilbene) to inhibit human cancer cell growth particularly analyzing their ability to interfere with tubulin dynamics at m...
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#1Moshe GiladiH-Index: 19
Last. Yoram PaltiH-Index: 22
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Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) are low intensity, intermediate frequency, alternating electric fields. TTFields are a unique anti-mitotic treatment modality delivered in a continuous, noninvasive manner to the region of a tumor. It was previously postulated that by exerting directional forces on highly polar intracellular elements during mitosis, TTFields could disrupt the normal assembly of spindle microtubules. However there is limited evidence directly linking TTFields to an effect on micro...
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