Open innovation in the public sector of leading countries

Published on Nov 16, 2012in Management Decision
· DOI :10.1108/00251741211194921
Sang M. Lee59
Estimated H-index: 59
(NU: University of Nebraska–Lincoln),
Taewon Hwang9
Estimated H-index: 9
(VSU: Valdosta State University),
Donghyun Choi7
Estimated H-index: 7
(NU: University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
Purpose – The purpose of this study is to examine the current open innovation practices in the public sector of leading countries.Design/methodology/approach – Using a framework based on the role of the government in open innovation, this study analyses a profile of early open innovation adopters based on collected data from secondary sources.Findings – First, the USA, Australia and Singapore developed open innovation policies at the national level, facilitating a positive innovation climate. Many projects, especially those in online platforms, were established under these policies. Second, although outside‐in open innovation principles seem to be popular, there have been emerging attempts to exploit the value of government data through inside‐out approaches.Research limitations/implications – Most governments are in the early stages of adoption of open innovation and are in the process of understanding relevant issues. Future research should investigate how governments adopt open innovation, in particula...
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The link between difficulties in obtaining funding and young innovative companies (YICs) has been investigated in numerous studies. YICs also face other barriers such as limited internal resources, access to technology services, etc. Thus, any public policy on innovation for providing financial support to YICs must be accompanied by offering technical assistance and consulting services. The purpose of this study is to determine the characteristics of YICs that enhance their innovation and, speci...
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This paper investigates the provision of financial services by banks as a two-stage production process involving three different basic activities. The first stage includes service activities, while the second stage comprises both investment-related and risk management activities. Financial services performance is assessed in terms of service efficiency and investment and risk management efficiency for years 2002–2010. The major empirical findings are that the Internet-primary bank is more effici...
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The importance of the customer's role in the management of a firm has been increasing for the last twenty years. A firm's organizational capabilities, both internally and externally oriented, are essential for increasing customer value creation and the focus of this paper is on market orientation, knowledge management and customer relationship management. The aim of the study is also to identify possible combinations of these organizational capabilities and to propose and analyze a sequence that...
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This paper analyzes the relationships between firms' external search of knowledge and its role in cooperation strategies for innovation. In particular, this study accounts for differences between public and private external sources of knowledge and between private–private and public–private cooperation arrangements. The empirical model is based on the Fourth Community Innovation Survey statistics for 15 countries and 40 economic branches. Although firms' internal R&D effort and size are importan...
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This paper summarizes the best papers of the Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) conference, which took place in July 2012 in Valencia, Spain. The Journal of Business Research hereby publishes a special issue entitled Innovation and entrepreneurship in knowledge industries. This special issue includes 22 papers and the editorial. All of them went through double-blind reviews and revisions. These papers contribute to various perspectives of innovation and entrepreneurship in different ...
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This study applies Beatty and Elizabeth Ferrell's impulse buying model to investigate consumers' buying impulses after receiving digital media promotions for limited-time-only sale for services. The influences of consumers' positive affect and impulse buying tendency on their felt urge to buy impulsively were explored. Questionnaires were utilized to survey consumers and structural equation modeling was adopted to explore the causal relationship among the constructs. The results indicated that c...
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Building trust and commitment among a local politician's blog visitors may lead them to revisit the blog, to recommend it, or to give preference to the blog above all others. This study analyzes the role of different variables in building trust and commitment in online environments. In order to do so, it extends the behavior of the relationship quality model to the realm of political blogs, including two additional variables that can have an effect on building trust and commitment: attachment an...
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Regarding the increasingly important role of financial services sectors like futures exchanges previous research has been unable to determine what types of futures contracts contribute to higher trading volumes and the likely magnitudes of their contributions. Thus, to investigate the sources of higher trading volumes in futures exchanges, this study, following the perspectives of diversification relatedness and core competence, adopts a multi-component concept and proposes that different future...
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The objective of this paper is to provide knowledge about the determinants of success in the screening phase of the investment process and to demonstrate its relationship with success in obtaining capital from business angels (BA). This research sets out to achieve this objective by analyzing the impact that the evaluation of the business opportunity, the managing team and the presentation have on success in the screening phase. To do this, the research proposes four main hypotheses that are tes...
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Regulatory pressures and strong competitiveness, as well as the need to control costs and remain up to date with information technologies have turned outsourcing into a basic tool at the disposal of financial entities. Our paper has as its aim to show the peculiarities of information technology outsourcing in the financial services industry, additionally suggesting a decision framework which can help firms minimise risks.
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Abstract null null While creating value in open innovation (OI) requires knowledge sharing, appropriating value in OI entails some closedness and protectiveness. Hence, tensions between generating and appropriating value, known as the paradox of openness, may emerge in OI collaborations. Such tensions have been scarcely explored at the micro-level, even though it is a crucial piece to fully grasping the paradox of openness. Our study bridges this gap by examining individuals’ affective responses...
The idea for collaborative innovation within emerging tech firms especially in country of Kenya has not been fully explored. The subject of consideration is how do these emerging tech firms collaborate innovatively towards a unified computing environment where aspects of shared resources such as computing, storage, networking exists. Information technology is in a state of constant change. For example, computing has evolved from distributed computing to grid computing, to utility computing to cl...
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Since the eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, in response to the global health emergency, governments have focused on designing policies aimed at the development of more innovative products and services. Effective collaboration, communication, and Open Innovation (OI) between government organizations, education and research institutions, and the marketplace have been fundamental to the success of each country's response during the crisis period. Using a comprehensive data set from OECD on innovat...
Through a comprehensive review of the literature on open innovation (OI), this study aimed to achieve two objectives: (1) to identify the main thematic areas discussed in the past and track their evolution over time; and (2) to provide recommendations for future research avenues.,To achieve the first objective, a method based on text mining was implemented, with the analysis focusing on 1,772 journal articles published between 2003 and 2018. For the second objective, a review based on recent and...
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Based on the open innovation theory, this study proposes a conceptual model of external search and organizational support as determinants of employee innovation in the hotel industry. We used struc...
Overview: When designed and driven efficiently, crowdsourcing can leverage the power of collective intelligence and yield innovative solutions. To date, the crowdsourcing literature has focused on ...
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Last. Myong K. Jeong (RU: Rutgers University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Knowledge intensive service (KIS) is a key resource for new product development (NPD) of a firm. As a KIS provider, public research organization plays a critical role in supporting the success of firms’ NPD process, thereby promoting national/regional/local economic growth. In this study we examine the contribution of KISs at stages in an NPD process to firms’ performance considering the correlations between input variables. For the explicit quantification of the contributions at the NP...
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