Enabling seamless communication over several IoT messaging protocols in openFlow network

Published on Oct 1, 2021in TELKOMNIKA Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control
· DOI :10.12928/TELKOMNIKA.V19I5.20412
Fauzi Dwi Setiawan Sumadi4
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Agus Eko Minarno5
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+ 1 AuthorsMuhammad Irfan7
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The most prominent protocols for data transfer in Internet of Things (IoT) are Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). The existing clients from both sides are unable to communicate directly because of the packet’s header structure difference in application and transport layer. In response, this paper aims to develop a bidirectional conversion server used to translate the specified messaging protocol interchangeably in the OpenFlow network and transmit the converted packet from both sides. The conversion server integrated the MQTT subscriber and CoAP POST object for converting the MQTT message into CoAP data. Similarly, the CoAP - MQTT translation was processed by CoAP GET and MQTT publisher object. The research was evaluated by analysing the RTT value, conversion delay, and power consumption. The RTT value for MQTT – CoAP required 0.5 s while the CoAP – MQTT was accumulated in 0.1 s for single-packet transmission. In addition, the SDN controller and the conversion server only consumed less than 1% CPU usage during the experiment. The result indicated that the proposed conversion server could handle the translation even though there was an overwhelming request from the clients.
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