Ultrasensitive Sensors Based on PdO@SrFe2O4 Nanosphere-Modified Fibers for Real-Time Monitoring of Ethanol Gas

Published on Apr 9, 2021
· DOI :10.1021/ACSAELM.1C00035
Mahmood ul Haq5
Estimated H-index: 5
(ZJU: Zhejiang University),
Salah Ud Din4
Estimated H-index: 4
(ZJU: Zhejiang University)
+ 3 AuthorsLiping Zhu72
Estimated H-index: 72
(ZJU: Zhejiang University)
Spinel ferrites have attracted great interest in the research of sensing materials due to their excellent catalytic activity and flexible and tunable physical properties. Here, we report an environ...
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Abstract In this work, the metal-organic framework (MOF)-derived Zn2+ doped SnO2 (ZZS) hollow nanofibers (HNFs) have been successfully synthesized via facile electrospinning and annealing techniques for achieving the low concentration of HCHO monitoring. As the hollow nanostructure and the optimized Zn2+ homogeneous doping behavior ensure all the smooth electrons transfer, abundant chemisorbed active sites and oxygen vacancies, the 15 wt% ZZS HNFs exhibited the excellent gas-sensing property wit...
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Abstract Designing novel structures and selecting the right catalyst play significant roles to overcome the inherent limitations of chemical sensors. The transition metal-organic framework is one of the most promising precursors for the development of advanced gas sensors with high porosity. In this work, novel ZnO/ZnCo2O4 hetero-structured microspheres synthesized from a Zn–Co-Prussian blue analog (PBA) precursor is rationally designed by changing the temperature of thermal treatment and the de...
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Last. Dianqing Li (Huada: Beijing University of Chemical Technology)H-Index: 58
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Abstract Developing efficient sensing materials with super sensitivity and selectivity is imperative to fabricate high-performance gas sensors for satisfying future needs. Herein, we report the preparation of ultrathin nanosheet-assembled 3D hierarchical ZnO/In2O3 heterostructures for the sensitive and selective detection of ethanol by sintering the 3D hierarchical Zn/In glycerolate precursors consisting of ultrathin nanosheets synthesized through a facile solvothermal method. The obtained ZnO/I...
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Last. Jianfeng Zhu (Shaanxi University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 24
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Abstract This work reports a facile one-step hydrothermal method to synthesize the microsphere SnO2 particles without using any organic agent. The experiment results show that the obtained SnO2 microspheres consisting number of nanocrystalline particles of 2–5 nm in size. Oxygen vacancies are also existing on the surface of the SnO2 microspheres. The as-prepared SnO2 microspheres possess mesoporous structure of remarkably high specific surface area (111.27 m2g-1). The gas sensing properties of t...
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Last. Zhan Zili (Zhengzhou University)H-Index: 1
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In this work, a series of PdO catalytic ZnO/SnO2 (PdO–ZSO) nanoparticles have been synthesized by a two-step approach including a low-temperature (− 10 °C) precipitation followed by a PdO dipping process. The composition, surface morphology, and crystal structure of the as-obtained samples were characterized by multi-techniques. And the gas-sensing properties toward formaldehyde (HCHO) were evaluated. The results indicate that the PdO–ZSO nanoparticles exhibit high sensitivity (5.4) and rapid re...
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Last. Lichao Jia (SNNU: Shaanxi Normal University)H-Index: 7
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Abstract Seeking for novel materials that show pronounced gas sensing performance has been of great interests from both academic and technological perspectives. Herein, we report for the first time the gas sensing properties of monoclinic phase BiVO 4 porous films with high selectivity and low detection limit towards H 2 S. The porous film with honeycomb-like morphology was in situ synthesized based on the solution dipping strategy using monolayer colloidal crystal as template. The BiVO 4 porous...
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Last. Yichun Liu (Northeast Normal University)H-Index: 68
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Abstract The size of sensing materials matters a lot to the performance of gas sensors. Herein, size-controlled three-component ZnO/ZnFe 2 O 4 /Au nanomeshes were elaborately prepared by combining electrospinning, atomic layer deposition and room-temperature solution reaction methods. The as-prepared ZnO/ZnFe 2 O 4 /Au is characterized by uniform ZnO nanotube skeletons (˜50 nm), ultrathin ZnFe 2 O 4 nanosheets (˜10 nm) and well-dispersed Au nanoparticles. To demonstrate the superiority of such u...
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Last. Geyu Lu (JLU: Jilin University)H-Index: 77
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Abstract Spinel-type oxides have attracted a broad interest in sensing materials research owing to their high catalytic activity and flexibly tunable chemical properties. Here, we report the synthesis of superfine porous NiFe2O4 microspheres by one-step solvothermal approach, in order to fabricate ultra-sensitive acetone sensors for real-time monitoring, relying on the high catalytic activity of NiFe2O4 and effective mass transfer property of porous microspheres structure. The porous NiFe2O4 sen...
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Abstract In this work we derived the adsorption isotherms for non-dissociative and dissociative chemisorption of oxygen on a semiconductor surface. We extended the Wolkenstein theory for dissociative chemisorption and re-examined the basis that led to currently accepted formalisms in the literature. In particular, we correctly incorporated dissociative chemisorption as a second-order reaction. We determined band bendings and adsorbate coverages for different gas pressure and doping for a typical...
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#1Mahmood ul Haq (ZJU: Zhejiang University)H-Index: 5
#2Z. Zhang (ZJU: Zhejiang University)H-Index: 19
Last. Liping Zhu (ZJU: Zhejiang University)H-Index: 72
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Abstract A novel systematic heterostructures based on NiO/ZnSnO3 microsphere-decorated fibers were produced with a simple two-step process based on the electrospinning and hydrothermal procedures. A large density of NiO microspheres were homogeneously and epitaxially decorated on ZnSnO3 nanofibers. The crystal, structural and surface compositional properties of sample based on NiO/ZnSnO3 composites were investigated by XRD, SEM, TEM, EDX, XPS and BET characterization. The complex heterostructure...
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Abstract The target of this work is to survey the consequences of various B (B=Fe, Co) sites of SmBO3 perovskite on crystal structure and ethylene glycol gas-sensitive properties. To this end, two samples based on SmFeO3 and SmCoO3 nanofibers with orthorhombic phase were prepared by a straightforward and efficient electrospinning technique and calcined at 700 °C. The XRD Rietveld refinements and tolerance factor (t) were implemented to research the crystal structure by the lattice parameters, si...