Fractional integral inequalities for h convex functions via Caputo-Fabrizio operator

Published on Jan 1, 2021
· DOI :10.3934/MATH.2021374
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In this paper, we introduce grand variable Herz type spaces using discrete grand spaces and prove the boundedness of sublinear operators on these spaces.
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In this paper, we study the rubella disease model with the Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivative. The mathematical solution of the liver model is presented by a three-step Adams–Bashforth scheme. The existence and uniqueness of the solution are discussed by employing fixed point theory. Finally some numerical simulations are showed to underpin the effectiveness of the used derivative.
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In this article, firstly, Hermite–Hadamard’s inequality is generalized via a fractional integral operator associated with the Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivative. Then a new kernel is obtained and a new theorem valid for convex functions is proved for fractional order integrals. Also, some applications of our main findings are given.
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More recently, it is discovered in the field of applied sciences and engineering that the telegraph equation is better suited to model reaction-diffusion than the ordinary diffusion equation. In this article, the second-order hyperbolic telegraph equations are analyzed numerically by means of an efficient local differential quadrature method utilizing the radial basis functions. The explicit time integration technique is used to semi-discretize the model in the time direction, while the space de...
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In this paper, modified variational iteration algorithm-II is investigated for finding approximate solutions of nonlinear Parabolic equations. Comparisons of the MVIA-II with trigonometric B-spline...
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Higher order fractional differential equations are important tools to deal with precise models of materials with hereditary and memory effects. Moreover, fractional differential inequalities are useful to establish the properties of solutions of different problems in biomathematics and flow phenomena. In the present work, we are concerned with the nonexistence of global solutions to a higher order fractional differential inequality with a nonlinearity involving Caputo fractional derivative. Name...
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