Genome Sequence of Vibrio natriegens Phage vB_VnaS-AQKL99.

Published on Oct 1, 2020
· DOI :10.1128/MRA.00967-20
Noah Yonas (USF: University of South Florida), Paige Boleman (USF: University of South Florida)+ 4 AuthorsMya Breitbart67
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(USF: University of South Florida)
Vibrio natriegens is a naturally occurring marine bacterium that is emerging as a microbiological model system. Here, we describe Aquatic Killer 99 (AQKL99), a novel phage that infects Vibrio natriegens 14048. The genome of the phage is 58,464 bp long, has a GC content of 45.9%, and contains 51 protein-coding genes.
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Last. Valérie de Crécy-Lagard (UF: University of Florida)H-Index: 52
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Genome modifications are central components of the continuous arms race between viruses and their hosts. The archaeosine base (G+), which was thought to be found only in archaeal tRNAs, was recently detected in genomic DNA of Enterobacteria phage 9g and was proposed to protect phage DNA from a wide variety of restriction enzymes. In this study, we identify three additional 2′-deoxy-7-deazaguanine modifications, which are all intermediates of the same pathway, in viruses: 2′-deoxy-7-amido-7-deaza...
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#1Triana N. DaliaH-Index: 10
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Last. Ankur B. DaliaH-Index: 21
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Vibrio natriegens has recently emerged as an alternative to Escherichia coli for molecular biology and biotechnology, but low-efficiency genetic tools hamper its development. Here, we uncover how to induce natural competence in V. natriegens and describe methods for multiplex genome editing by natural transformation (MuGENT). MuGENT promotes integration of multiple genome edits at high-efficiency on unprecedented time scales. Also, this method allows for generating highly complex mutant populati...
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Last. James Munro (University of Adelaide)H-Index: 2
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Bacteriophage therapy has demonstrated promising results towards the control of bacterial infections within the aquaculture industry as an alternative therapy to antibiotics. This current research describes the efficacy of bacteriophage therapy in controlling vibriosis within abalone (Haliotis laevigata). Two bacteriophages were isolated and used in in vitro assays to determine the effect of each specific phage on the growth of specific Vibrio harveyi isolates. To demonstrate efficacy, an in viv...
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Last. Daniel G. GibsonH-Index: 23
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A suite of tools and resources for Vibrio natriegens introduces the bacterium as a faster-growing alternative to E. coli for molecular biology and biotechnology applications.
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Last. Glenn Tesler (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 30
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Summary: Limitations of genome sequencing techniques have led to dozens of assembly algorithms, none of which is perfect. A number of methods for comparing assemblers have been developed, but none is yet a recognized benchmark. Further, most existing methods for comparing assemblies are only applicable to new assemblies of finished genomes; the problem of evaluating assemblies of previously unsequenced species has not been adequately considered. Here, we present QUAST—a quality assessment tool f...
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Summary: The two main functions of bioinformatics are the organization and analysis of biological data using computational resources. Geneious Basic has been designed to be an easy-to-use and flexible desktop software application framework for the organization and analysis of biological data, with a focus on molecular sequences and related data types. It integrates numerous industry-standard discovery analysis tools, with interactive visualizations to generate publication-ready images. One key c...
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Abstract The lion's share of bacteria in various environments cannot be cloned in the laboratory and thus cannot be sequenced using existing technologies. A major goal of single-cell genomics is to complement gene-centric metagenomic data with whole-genome assemblies of uncultivated organisms. Assembly of single-cell data is challenging because of highly non-uniform read coverage as well as elevated levels of sequencing errors and chimeric reads. We describe SPAdes, a new assembler for both sing...
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Last. Matthew B. Sullivan (UA: University of Arizona)H-Index: 75
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Ocean viruses alter ecosystems through host mortality, horizontal gene transfer and by facilitating remineralization of limiting nutrients. However, the study of wild viral populations is limited by inefficient and unreliable concentration techniques. Here, we develop a new technique to recover viruses from natural waters using iron-based flocculation and large-pore-size filtration, followed by resuspension of virus-containing precipitates in a pH 6 buffer. Recovered viruses are amenable to gene...
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Plankton represent a nutrient-rich reservoir capable of enriching Vibrio species, which can include human pathogens, at higher densities than the surrounding water column. To better understand the relationship between vibrios and plankton, the partitioning of culturable vibrios, on TCBS, between free living and plankton associated (63–200- and >200-μm-size fractions) was monitored over a 1-year period in coastal waters of Georgia, USA. Seasonal changes in the total Vibrio concentration were then...
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: The determination of the concentration of infectious phage particles is fundamental to many protocols in phage biology, genetics, and molecular biology. In this chapter the classical overlay protocol is described.
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