Fused deposition modeling of hierarchical porous polyetherimide assisted by an in-situ CO2 foaming technology

Published on Nov 10, 2020in Composites Science and Technology7.094
· DOI :10.1016/J.COMPSCITECH.2020.108454
Mengya Li1
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Junjie Jiang3
Estimated H-index: 3
+ 1 AuthorsWentao Zhai2
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Abstract This work provides a novel approach to manufacture hierarchical porous parts via an in-situ foaming fused deposition modeling (FDM) method. The cell nucleation, growth, and stabilization occurred as the CO2-saturated polyetherimide (PEI) filament was heated, and the layer-by-layer deposition of porous strands was controlled by a planned path. The microporous structure with cell size of 2–30  μ m and cell density of 1010−11 cells/cm3 was generated inside and on the surface of the porous PEI strand, and the macroporous structure with size of about 1–50 mm was constructed within the porous PEI honeycombs and cylinder. The compressed CO2 exhibited extremely slow diffusivity in PEI filaments, and the stable CO2 content ensured that the hierarchical porous PEI part could be 3D printed with high accuracy for a long time.
#1Yunfei Deng (GDUT: Guangdong University of Technology)H-Index: 2
#2Yun Zheng (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)H-Index: 17
Last. Haiyan Zhang (GDUT: Guangdong University of Technology)H-Index: 30
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Abstract The three-dimensional honeycomb-like nano-Fe3O4@C (HcFe3O4@C) composite and the three-dimensional honeycomb-like porous carbon (HcC) were prepared through a two-step colloidal template method. The HcFe3O4@C composite material shows a three-dimensional multilayer honeycomb-like structure with a uniform pore diameter of 100 nm, while the HcFe3O4@C composite exhibits enhanced absorbing properties with a low Fe3O4 content(28.95%).HcFe3O4@C composite display an optimal reflection loss (RL) v...
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Abstract Recently, anisotropic polymer/ceramic composites have attracted great attention because of their high thermal conductivity for the extensive usage in microelectronic devices. However, further enhancement of their thermal conductivity is a great challenge due to the presence of interface thermal resistance and lack of efficient heat conduction pathways. Herein, epoxy (EP)/aluminum nitride honeycomb (AlN–H) composites were fabricated through a two-step method including freeze-casting of t...
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Abstract Nomex honeycomb composites have been paid significant attention for high performance structural applications in sandwich structures of aircrafts, aerospace, automotive, defense and so on. Both academia and industry have consensus that thin cell walls, cellular (hexagonal) structure, entrapped air inside cells, sandwich layers of phenolic resins (soft) and aramid fibers (brittle) enhance the machining complexity of Nomex honeycomb composites and high quality processing on commercial scal...
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Abstract Thermal and sound insulation materials are crucial for reducing the energy consumption and noise pollution of building, but these two types of materials are generally developed independently. Here, a new type of bifunctional hierarchical porous geopolymer which can effectively reduce heat transfer and noise sound is proposed and it is synthesized with inexpensive kaolinite as main raw material through an energy-saving method. The optimal porous geopolymer products show high porosity (93...
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Abstract N-O-P ternary-doped carbon materials (NOPCs) with hierarchical porous structure were prepared by a scalable, facile and one-step synthetic approach using kitchen waste as precursor without any extra nitrogen or phosphorus sources. The porous structure, morphology and surface element mapping of NOPCs were fully investigated by N2 adsorption-desorption analysis and TEM coupled with energy dispersive spectrometer. The investigations illustrated that the NOPCs featured high contents of nitr...
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Abstract The fabrication of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) based foam with complicated three-dimensional (3D) geometry and excellent piezoelectric property remains great challenge worldwide. In this study, microcellular PVDF/multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanocomposite foaming part was fabricated by supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) bead foaming technology. With the assistance of the ball milling, the good dispersion of MWCNT particles in PVDF matrix was achieved, which promoted the he...
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Abstract Sufficient vascularization is quite important for preventing cell death and promoting host integration during the repair of the critical sized bone defects. Porous structure providing enough space for the ingrowth of vessels is an essential consideration during the scaffold's development. In this study, we designed and fabricated three kinds of porous structured scaffolds based on poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBHHx), such as mono-structured PHBHHx scaffolds with macro...
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Abstract In the present study, a facile and one step approach has been developed for the synthesis of hierarchical porous zeolite-Y using bifunctional cationic polymer, polydiallyldimethyl ammonium chloride (PDDA) as a mesopore directing template. The effects of various synthesis parameters such as hydrothermal reaction temperature, time, amount of PDDA and NaOH were systematically investigated to produce crystalline and hierarchical zeolite-Y crystals (PDYs). All the synthesized zeolite-Y sampl...
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Abstract The strain-hardening of cell wall in porous metals decreases the energy absorption properties. In order to suppress the strain hardening, porous hybrid materials consisting of ductile Al and Ti phases and brittle Al3Ti phase were synthesized by reaction sintering between Al and Ti powders with NaCl space holder. Changes in the porous structure and microstructure with sintering were investigated. Area fraction of Al3Ti phase formed at Al/Ti interface increased following the Johnson-Mehl-...
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Hierarchically porous materials have attracted great concern because of their potential applications in the fields of adsorption, catalysis and biomedical systems. The art of manipulating different templates that are used for pore construction is the key to fabricate desired hierarchically porous structures. In this Feature article, the polyelectrolyte-surfactant mesomorphous complex templating (PSMCT) approach, which is firstly developed by our group, is elaborated. During the organic-inorganic...
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#1Wentao Zhai (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)H-Index: 2
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