The Place of Emotions within Place

Published on May 13, 2016
· DOI :10.4324/9781315579245-10
John Urry88
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Bodies of Nature - Phil Macnaghten and John Urry Introduction 'Botanizing on the Asphalt' - Nigel Clark The Complex Life of Cosmopolitan Bodies Still Life in the Nearly Present Time - Nigel Thrift The Object of Nature The Climbing Body, Nature and the Experience of Modernity - Neil Lewis Walking in the British Countryside - Tim Edensor Reflexivity, Embodied Practices and Ways to Escape These Boots Are Made for Walking... - Mike Michael Mundane Technology, the Body and Human-Environment Relations...
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Before photography: camera portabilis - god, space and optics - the visualization of mobility before 1840. The 19th century: the reverie of power - Victorian travel photography and the depiction of Egypt, the Holy Land, India worlds in a house - the consumption of travel photography in the Victorian middle-class home. Tourisms: paradox amusements - tourism and the modern image travel products - promoting tourist vision sabulous - the beach, the camera and social display fixing Arcadia - the phot...
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For English read British which is not to quibble with the title but, as Jim Ring himself explains, "During the period on which this book focuses, it was the custom - in the words of a Scot - 'to let the part - the larger part - speak for the whole.' Those countries which received them - France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and above all Switzerland - all talked of the English, and the presence of the English in the Alps was precisely so described. To use the term British would thus have been an anac...
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Clearly written and fascinatingly illustrated, Tourists at the Taj describes the conflicting narratives which surround the site. For some the Taj is an evocative symbol of the colonial past. For others it is a symbolic centre of Islamic power. For many of the thousands of tourists that visit it each year it is simply a monument of love. The author shows how tourism can be seen as a performance and the tourist site as a stage on which tourists are directed and rehearsed but also able to improvise...
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This is a novel account of social change that supplants conventional understandings of `society' and presents a sociology that takes as its main unit of analysis flows through time and across space. Developing a comparative analysis of the UK and US, the new Germany and Japan, Lash and Urry show how restructuration after organized capitalism has its basis in increasingly reflexive social actors and organizations. The consequence is not only the much-vaunted `postmodern condition' but also a grow...
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Speed and Politics (first published in France in 1977) is the matrix of Virilio's entire work. Building on the works of Morand, Marinetti, and McLuhan, Virilio presents a vision more radically political than that of any of his French contemporaries: speed as the engine of destruction. Speed and Politics presents a topological account of the entire history of humanity, honing in on the technological advances made possible through the militarization of society. Paralleling Heidegger's account of t...
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Abstract null null Recent scholarship on belonging examines how temporary transnational low-wage migrant workers find belonging in the host country. While this is possible for some migrant groups, it overlooks those groups who cannot. This study examines how mutually reinforcing socio-spatial processes converge to produce the unequal distribution of belonging experienced by low-wage migrants at the margins of the margin. Drawing from the emotional narratives of forty-four temporary migrant worke...
#1Iwona Markuszewska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)H-Index: 5
This study is an art-based autoethnography that examines the author’s first-hand experience of immigration-related adversities in four drawings created during transitioning to permanent residency in Canada via the Post Graduate Work Permit Program. The article takes a different route from the studies which acknowledge immigrants’ experiences of social suffering yet, explore the possibilities of eventual integration through adaptation and acculturation for immigrants. This article argues that mar...
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Abstract This paper utilises in-depth interviews and oral history to investigate the meanings of place and place-based emotions in the urban regeneration scheme of Liede village in Guangzhou, China. This paper responds to the critique that emotions are excluded from or enlisted as simply quantifiable variables in the sphere of urban policy and to the lack of research concerning the importance of emotion in creating more ethical and progressive policies and practices in urban regeneration. First,...
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Abstract Visions of the good future city are important in futures studies and urban planning. However, these visions have been criticised for reflecting Western, masculine, heteronormative values rather than diversity, and only allowing some voices to speak and be heard. This highlights the need to develop methods for bringing in 'other' voices and enabling alternative visions to be articulated that contest the ‘straightjacket’ of accepted meanings and ways of being in the city. Here, we present...
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Last. Justas Cerkauskas (VGTU: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)H-Index: 5
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Abstract Personal interests constitute the emphasis of client-centered, personalized marketing, which leads to personalized client fulfillment. Current shoppers are interested in more than simply buying products and services; shoppers are also interested in the surroundings of the shopping site. Everywhere in the world, an analysis of marketing value, with rare exceptions, does not integrate criteria relevant to the emotional, affective and biometrical states, valence and arousal of potential bu...
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Diasporic networks are inhabited by displaced identities and communities that define and negotiate themselves through dispersion and belonging. What configures dispersion and belonging is culturally defined as depends on specific understandings of space and specific constructions of identity. This work focuses on a single knot of the Sherpa diasporic network: a Sherpa garden located in Southern Scotland. The analysis of place-making processes that take place outside the Sherpa homeland is partic...
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