Penerapan Model Regression Untuk Prediksi Cuaca Wilayah seberang Ulu 1 Palembang

Published on Jan 31, 2019
Moh Fajri Al Amin , Yesi Novaria Kunang4
Estimated H-index: 4
Susan Dian Purnamasari2
Estimated H-index: 2
Weather is a short air condition. Therefore, the role of weather forecasting is very much needed considering the number of activities and activities of humans that depend on the weather. Because of this, the processing of weather data must be done quickly and accurately. Therefore, the use of data mining is needed to solve this problem, one of them is a regression model. Regression models are a type of method that predicts predictive data through straight lines as a correlation between 2 variables or more. Linear regression algorithm, used as a technique to learn how to relate variables to the data forecasting process with accurate results. The dataset is taken from AWS LAPAN Palembang. The results of this study are regression models that can later be used as a reference to predict rainy weather or not rain for one day.
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