Anthocyanins Protect Hepatocytes against CCl4-Induced Acute Liver Injury in Rats by Inhibiting Pro-inflammatory mediators, Polyamine Catabolism, Lipocalin-2, and Excessive Proliferation of Kupffer Cells.

Published on Oct 4, 2019in Antioxidants5.014
· DOI :10.3390/ANTIOX8100451
Dejan Popović4
Estimated H-index: 4
(University of Niš),
Gordana Kocic19
Estimated H-index: 19
(University of Niš)
+ 17 AuthorsDušan Sokolović20
Estimated H-index: 20
This study examined the hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of anthocyanins from Vaccinim myrtillus (bilberry) fruit extract on the acute liver failure caused by carbon tetrachloride-CCl4 (3 mL/kg, i.p.). The preventive treatment of the bilberry extract (200 mg anthocyanins/kg, orally, 7 days) prior to the exposure to the CCl4 resulted in an evident decrease in markers of liver damage (glutamate dehydrogenase, sorbitol dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase), and reduced pro-oxidative (conjugated dienes, lipid hydroperoxide, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, advanced oxidation protein products, NADPH oxidase, hydrogen peroxide, oxidized glutathione), and pro-inflammatory markers (tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-6, nitrite, myeloperoxidase, inducible nitric oxide synthase, cyclooxygenase-2, CD68, lipocalin-2), and also caused a significant decrease in the dissipation of the liver antioxidative defence capacities (reduced glutathione, glutathione S-transferase, and quinone reductase) in comparison to the results detected in the animals treated with CCl4 exclusively. The administration of the anthocyanins prevented the arginine metabolism’s diversion towards the citrulline, decreased the catabolism of polyamines (the activity of putrescine oxidase and spermine oxidase), and significantly reduced the excessive activation and hyperplasia of the Kupffer cells. There was also an absence of necrosis, in regard to the toxic effect of CCl4 alone. The hepatoprotective mechanisms of bilberry extract are based on the inhibition of pro-oxidative mediators, strong anti-inflammatory properties, inducing of hepatic phase II antioxidant enzymes (glutathione S-transferase, quinone reductase) and reduced glutathione, hypoplasia of Kupffer cells, and a decrease in the catabolism of polyamines.
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Oxidative-stress-induced senescence constitutes a great risk factor for chronic diseases. Therefore, ameliorating oxidative-stress-induced senescence is expected to prevent chronic diseases. The beneficial effects of bilberry anthocyanin (BA) on healthy aging were evaluated using 12 month old, aging female SD rats in this study. The experimental results suggested that consumption of a middle-dose of BA (MBA) appreciably increased the relative liver mass by 7.34% when compared with that of the AC...
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Last. Dušan Sokolović (University of Niš)H-Index: 20
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Abstract This study examined the nephroprotective effects of 15 different anthocyanins from the bilberry extract on the acute kidney injury caused by CCl4. The acute nephrotoxicity in rats was induced 24 h after the treatment with a single dose of CCl4 (3 mL/kg, i.p.).The nephroprotective effects of the anthocyanins were examined in the animals that had been given the bilberry extract in a single dose of 200 mg of anthocyanins/kg daily, 7 days orally, while on the seventh day, 3 h after the last...
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: Liver macrophages make up the largest proportion of tissue macrophages in the host and consist of two dissimilar groups: Kupffer cells (KCs) and monocyte-derived macrophages (MoMo). As the liver is injured, KCs sense the injury and initiate inflammatory cascades mediated by the release of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Subsequently, inflammatory monocytes accumulate in the liver via chemokine-chemokine receptor interactions, resulting in massive inflammatory MoMo infiltration. When liv...
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This is the first study to analyze the impact of high protein diet (HPD) on antioxidant defense, redox status, as well as oxidative damage on both a local and systemic level. Male Wistar rats were divided into two equal groups (n = 9): HPD (44% protein) and standard diet (CON; 24.2% protein). After eight weeks, glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutathione reductase (GR), catalase (CAT), superoxide dismutase-1 (SOD-1), reduced glutathione (GSH), uric acid (UA), total antioxidant (TAC)/oxidant status...
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Lipocalin-2 is a constituent of the neutrophil secondary granules and is expressed de novo by macrophages and epithelium in response to inflammation. Lipocalin-2 acts in a bacteriostatic fashion by binding iron-loaded siderophores required for bacterial growth. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) produces siderophores that can be bound by lipocalin-2. The impact of lipocalin-2 in the innate immune response towards extracellular bacteria has been established whereas the effect on intracellular bact...
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Abstract “Liver and gall syndrome” disease often caused dramatic economic losses in swamp eel (Monopterus albus) which is one of the most economically important freshwater aquaculture fish in China. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced liver injury model has been evidenced as a useful method to screen the hepatoprotective agents to study and prevent this disease in fish. Therefore, in order to provide a better research platform for prevention and treatment liver diseases in swamp eel, we evaluate...
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Background/Aim Various honey samples exhibited protective effect against drug and chemical induced toxicity. The study was designed to determine the antioxidant content and activity of carob honey and to investigate its hepato-renal protective effect in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced kidney and liver injury in rats. Material and Methods Phenolic, flavone and flavonol in carob honey were quantified. DPPH, ABTS•+, ferric reducting antioxidant power, and total antioxidant activity were used to...
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Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced in various cell compartments by an array of enzymes and processes. An excess of ROS production can be hazardous for normal cell functioning, whereas at normal levels, ROS act as vital regulators of many signal transduction pathways and transcription factors. ROS production is affected by a wide range of viruses. However, to date, the impact of viral infections has been studied only in respect to selected ROS-generating enzymes. The role of several ROS-g...
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Abstract The aim of the current study was to evaluate the effect of a defatted extract (EAS) and three flavonoids, isolated from Astragalus spruneri Boiss. (Fabaceae) using in vitro/in vivo models of liver injury. The EAS was characterized by HPLC and flavonoids (14 mg/g dw) and saponins (8 mg/g dw) were proved. The flavonoids (ASF1, ASF3 and ASF5) were isolated from the same extract and partially identified by LC-MS. In in vitro models of non-enzyme induced (Fe 2+ /AA) lipid peroxidation in iso...
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This study investigates the protective effect of baicalein on carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced acute liver injury and the underlying molecular mechanisms. Mice were orally administrated baicalein at 25 and 100 mg/kg/day for 7 consecutive days or ferrostatin-1 (Fer-1) at 10 mg/kg was i.p. injected in mice at 2 and 24 h prior to CCl4 injection or the vehicle. Our results showed that baicalein or Fer-1 supplementation significantly attenuated CCl4 exposure-induced elevations of serum alanine ami...
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Hepatic fibrosis (HF) is a typical consequence of various chronic liver diseases, and there is still no ideal drug for its treatment. Yinchen Wuling Powder (YCWLP), a famous traditional Chinese medicine prescription, is effective for the treatment of icteric hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other liver diseases in clinical practices, however, the underlying mechanisms of YCWLP on HF is still unclear. In this study, 1H NMR and MS-based metabolomics analysis along...
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Various liver diseases caused by liver damage seriously affect people's health. The purpose of this study was to clarify the effects and the mechanisms of carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (Cpt1a) on oxidative stress and inflammation in liver injury. It was found that the expression of Cpt1a mRNA was upregulated in a model of liver injury in mice. Thus, overexpression of Cpt1a increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels and reduced superoxide dismutase (SOD...
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The present study was designed to evaluate the cardioprotective effects of melatonin (a single dose of 50 mg/kg), a naturally occurring polypharmacological molecule, in Wistar rats acutely exposed to carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). This was done for the first time by tracking different biochemical parameters that reflect rat heart antioxidative/oxidative capacities, nitric oxide/arginine metabolism, and glutathione cycle. Additionally, the extrinsic apoptosis pathway-related parameters were studied...
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Whey protein hydrolysates (WPHs) are one of the most promising sources of biofunctional peptides with such beneficial properties as antioxidant, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory and others. WPHs also could be used as foaming agents for aerated products (e.g., milk shake type drinks). However, WPH alone has a bitter taste and foamed WPH should be stabilized by additional ingredients. Here, we present a composition including WPH and three polysaccharides—pumpkin pectin, sodium alginate and ι-ca...
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Changes in color and color stability of cyanidin and cyanidin 3-O-β-glucopyranoside (Cy3Glc) in aqueous solutions were investigated at pHs from 0.5 to 13.1, by combination of colorimetry and spectr...
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Abstract Macrophage polarization exerts critical effect on inflammatory response. Cyanidin-3-O-β-glucoside (Cy-3-g), a typical anthocyanin pigment has been reported to have anti-inflammatory property. However, whether Cy-3-g exerts anti-inflammatory effects by modulating macrophage polarization remains unclear. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was used to establish the M1 model of J774 cells, in which the effects of Cy-3-g on M1-M2 conversion were explored. Cy-3-g (1, 10, 100 μM) not only reduced LPS-in...
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Abstract Environmental pollution is a widespread problem, which has seriously threatened human health and led to an increase of human diseases. Therefore, it is critical to evaluate environmental pollutants quickly and efficiently. Because of obvious inter-species differences between animals and humans, and lack of physiologically-relevant microenvironment, animal models and in vitro two-dimensional (2D) models can not accurately describe toxicological effects and predicting actual in vivo respo...
#1Hallegue Dorsaf (Carthage University)
#2Moujahed Sabrine (Carthage University)
Last. Tebourbi Olfa (Carthage University)
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The purpose of this study was to quantify the proanthocyanidin content of pecan (Carya illinoinensis) pericarp extract (PPE) and to assess its useful impacts against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced hepatotoxicity. Rats were randomly divided into four groups: Group 1: received intraperitoneal injection of saline solution, Group 2: was injected with PPE (25 mg/kg body weight) for 10 consecutive days, Group 3: received CCl4 (0.5 ml/kg, subcutaneous injection), Group 4: was coadministred with PP...
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#2Radmilo Jankovic (University of Niš)H-Index: 13
Last. Dušan SokolovićH-Index: 20
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Application of cisplatin (CP) for the treatment of different cancers is known to cause pancreatitis, through an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and promotion of inflammation. ...
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