Fire Alarm Wallpaper Based on Fire-Resistant Hydroxyapatite Nanowire Inorganic Paper and Graphene Oxide Thermosensitive Sensor.

Published on Mar 13, 2018in ACS Nano14.588
· DOI :10.1021/ACSNANO.8B00047
Fei-Fei Chen14
Estimated H-index: 14
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences),
Ying-Jie Zhu81
Estimated H-index: 81
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
+ 3 AuthorsZhi-Chao Xiong13
Estimated H-index: 13
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Wallpaper with multiple functions, such as fire resistance and an automatic alarm in fire disasters, will be attractive for the interior decoration of houses. Herein, we report a smart fire alarm wallpaper prepared using fire-resistant inorganic paper based on ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires (HNs) and graphene oxide (GO) thermosensitive sensors. At room temperature, the GO thermosensitive sensor is in a state of electrical insulation; however, it becomes electrically conductive at high temperatures. In a fire disaster, high temperature will rapidly remove the oxygen-containing groups of GO, leading to the transformation process of GO from an electrically insulated state into an electrically conductive one. In this way, the alarm lamp and alarm buzzer connected with the GO thermosensitive sensor will send out the alerts to people immediately for taking emergency actions. After the surface modification with polydopamine of GO (PGO), the sensitivity and flame retardancy of the GO thermosensitive sensor ar...
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Nacre-like graphene films are prepared by evaporation-induced assembly of graphene oxide dispersions containing small amounts of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC), followed by chemical reduction with hydroiodic acid. CNC induces the formation of wrinkles on graphene sheets, greatly enhancing the mechanical properties of the resultant graphene films. The graphene films deliver an ultrahigh tensile strength of 765 ± 43 MPa (up to 800 MPa in some cases), a large failure strain of 6.22 ± 0.19%, and a supe...
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Separators play a pivotal role in the electrochemical performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The commercial microporous polyolefin-based separators often suffer from inferior electrolyte wettability, low thermal stability, and severe safety concerns. Herein, a novel kind of highly flexible and porous separator based on hydroxyapatite nanowires (HAP NWs) with excellent thermal stability, fire resistance, and superior electrolyte wettability is reported. A hierarchical cross-linke...
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Inspired by mussels, dopamine (DOPA) was used as a green reducing agent for graphene oxide (GO) to prepare a superior flame retardant and high thermal conductive flexible film. The self-polymerization of dopamine occurred on the surface of GO nanosheets, accompanied by the reduction of GO. As the solvent was gradually removed, the reduced graphene sheets covered by polydopamine formed a layer-by-layer stacked film, where polydopamine acted as a linkage filled in the interlayer space. Herein, the...
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The recent booming development of wearable electronics urgently calls for high-performance flexible strain sensors. To date, it is still a challenge to manufacture flexible strain sensors with superb sensitivity and a large workable strain range simultaneously. Herein, a facile, quick, cost-effective, and scalable strategy is adopted to fabricate novel strain sensors based on reduced graphene oxide woven fabrics (GWF). By pyrolyzing commercial cotton bandages coated with graphene oxide (GO) shee...
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Pressure sensors should have an excellent sensitivity in the range of 0–20 kPa when applied in wearable applications. Traditional pressure sensors cannot achieve both a high sensitivity and a large working range simultaneously, which results in their limited applications in wearable fields. There is an urgent need to develop a pressure sensor to make a breakthrough in both sensitivity and working range. In this paper, a graphene-paper pressure sensor that shows excellent performance in the range...
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Tattoo-like epidermal sensors are an emerging class of truly wearable electronics, owing to their thinness and softness. While most of them are based on thin metal films, a silicon membrane, or nanoparticle-based printable inks, we report sub-micrometer thick, multimodal electronic tattoo sensors that are made of graphene. The graphene electronic tattoo (GET) is designed as filamentary serpentines and fabricated by a cost- and time-effective “wet transfer, dry patterning” method. It has a total ...
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Large-scale biomimetic organic/inorganic hybrid nanocoatings with a nacre-like microstructure were prepared via a facile coassembly process. Different from conventional polymer nanocomposites, these nanocoatings contain a high concentration of nanosheets, which can be well aligned along the substrate surface. Moreover, the nanosheets and polymer matrix can be chemically co–cross-linked. As a result, the nanocoatings exhibit exceptional mechanical properties (high stiffness and strength), barrier...
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Electrical devices generate heat at work. The heat should be transferred away immediately by a thermal manager to keep proper functions, especially for high-frequency apparatuses. Besides high thermal conductivity (K), the thermal manager material requires good foldability for the next generation flexible electronics. Unfortunately, metals have satisfactory ductility but inferior K (≤429 W m−1 K−1), and highly thermal-conductive nonmetallic materials are generally brittle. Therefore, fabricating...
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Rational engineering and simplified fabrication of high-energy micro-supercapacitors (MSCs) using graphene and other 2D nanosheets are of great value for flexible and integrated electronics. Here we develop one-step mask-assisted simplified fabrication of high-energy MSCs (PG-MSCs) based on the interdigital hybrid electrode (PG) patterns of stacking high-quality phosphorene nanosheets and electrochemically exfoliated graphene in ionic liquid electrolyte. The hybrid PG films with interdigital pat...
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Ultralight and resilient porous nanostructures have been fabricated in various material forms, including carbon, polymers, and metals. However, the development of ultralight and high-temperature resilient structures still remains extremely challenging. Ceramics exhibit good mechanical and chemical stability at high temperatures, but their brittleness and sensitivity to flaws significantly complicate the fabrication of resilient porous ceramic nanostructures. We report the manufacturing of large-...
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Abstract null null Very different from electronic conductors, ionic conductors usually possess some unique functions such as stretchability, transparency and ionic conductivity, thus exhibiting a great promise in the flexible wearable electronic devices. Herein, we develop a novel stretchable transparent organic-ionogel (OIG-TBP-50) via a rapid photo-curing process, in which we select the mixture of tributyl phosphate (TBP) and 1-butyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amine ([...
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Abstract null null Fire warning sensor capable of rapidly monitoring critical fire risk of combustible materials growingly plays a crucial role in reducing or avioding fire disaster under complicated environments. Unfortunately, to date the rational design of smart fire warning sensors that are reusable and weather-resistant remains a major challenge. Here, we report a facile and green strategy for fabricating biomimetic polyethylene glycol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer decorated Ti3C2Tx MXen...
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Abstract null null The lightweight materials with good flame retardancy and early fire alarming function can play an effective role in reducing the potential loss caused by fire disasters, which will be highly demanded in the interior decoration of automobile and house. Herein, a multifunctional polyurethane sponge (PUS) was prepared by depositing the flame retardant-modified graphene oxide (FGO) and chitosan-functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) through the layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly. A com...
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Abstract null null Advanced composite aerogel materials have attracted much attention due to the unique structure and properties. However, the efficient manufacturing process and structural stability were still a challenge. Herein, a novel hydroxyapatite nanowires/polyimide (HAnws/PI) composite aerogel was synthesized by the ultralong HAnws combined with polyamic acid via directional freezing and thermal imidization. Among them, the HAnws and PI intertwined to form a three-dimensional network st...
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Abstract null null Traditional fire warning sensors usually work under directly fire attack or relatively high temperature and overlook electrical safety. Therefore, it is imperative to develop an efficient early fire warning sensor with the circuit safety during flame exposure. Herein, a flame-retardant paper with thermosensitive fire-alarm response and self-cutting performance is proposed. The paper consists of shape memory thermoplastic polyurethane (SMPU) and MXene is prepared via facile ele...
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Abstract Temperature-responsive resistance transition behaviors of the melamine sponges wrapped with different graphene oxide derivatives (i.e. nanoribbon, wide-ribbon and sheet) were investigated. Melamine sponge composites coated by three types of GO derivatives were prepared by a simple dip-coating approach. All these composites show good mechanical flexibility and reliability (almost unchanged compressive stress at 70% strain after 100 cycles), high hydrophobicity (water contact angle >120°)...
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Abstract Oil wastes pose an enormous threat to aquatic ecosystems, and environmental and economic demands emphasize the importance of affordable and sustainable oil absorbents. To tackle this issue, we propose the repurposing of abundant and low-cost cuttlebone from the ocean to address oil spills for the ocean. By the simple, successive deposition of polydopamine and a mixture of fluorinated silica nanoparticles and polydimethylsiloxane, the ultralight, porous, and mechanically stable cuttlebon...
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An efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction has been reported in ZIF-67-derived-Co nanoparticles (NPs) encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon layers (N-C/Co). This work demonstrates that the pyrolysis temperature is crucial in tuning the grain size and components of metallic Co0 of N-C/Co composite catalysts, which optimizes their photocatalytic activities. Syntheses were conducted at 600, 700, and 800°C giving the N-C/Co-600, N-C/Co-700, and N-C/Co-800 samples, respectively. N-C layers can well wr...
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The synthetic hydrogels with high water contents are promising for various applications, however, they usually exhibit low mechanical properties. In this work, inspired by the natural biological soft tissues, whose hierarchically ordered fibrous structures result in high strength and good flexibility, a flexible, high-strength, and versatile hydrogel with the fiberboard-and-mortar hierarchically ordered structure (HFMOS) is developed based on ultralong hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanowires and polyacry...
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Abstract Transparent and flexible triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) represent an efficient and invisible energy solution for generating eco-friendly electricity from mechanical human motion for wearable electronic devices and systems. In addition to boosting the output performance of TENG, the molecular design relying on non-flammable materials and anti-ignition invulnerability should be considered when designing TENG devices, to ensure the safety of personnel working under extreme temperature ...
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