Demonstration of Li-Ion Capacity of MAX Phases

Volume: 1, Issue: 6, Pages: 1094 - 1099
Published: Nov 4, 2016
Herein we report on the reversible electrochemical intercalation of Li ions into Ti2SC and Ti3SiC2, layered ternary transition-metal carbides, known as MAX phases. It is demonstrated that the particle size plays an important role in the electrochemical performance of MAX phases. Ti2SC particles with a size of hundreds of nanometers showed an initial reversible capacity of ∼80 mAh g–1 at 4 C, which increased to ∼180 mAh g–1 after 1000 cycles....
Paper Details
Demonstration of Li-Ion Capacity of MAX Phases
Published Date
Nov 4, 2016
1094 - 1099
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