Original paper

Titanium carbide (MXene) nanosheets as promising microwave absorbers

Volume: 42, Issue: 14, Pages: 16412 - 16416
Published: Nov 1, 2016
The electromagnetic properties of Ti3C2 nanosheets, prepared by immersing Ti3AlC2 powders in HF and subsequent ultrasonication, were first investigated in the frequency range of 12.4–18 GHz. The Ti3C2 nanosheet filled composites showed high relative complex permittivity and microwave absorption as compared to those filled with the original Ti3AlC2 powders under the same content. Reflection loss values of the Ti3C2 nanosheets filled composites...
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Titanium carbide (MXene) nanosheets as promising microwave absorbers
Published Date
Nov 1, 2016
16412 - 16416
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