Testing of laterally loaded piles in natural sandy gravels

Published on Nov 13, 2015in International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics1.333
· DOI :10.1680/JPHMG.14.00010
Vedran Jagodnik5
Estimated H-index: 5
Željko Arbanas12
Estimated H-index: 12
In this paper, the authors present the results of field tests on a single laterally loaded pile and two piles in line. Bored reinforced concrete piles with a diameter of 0·25 m and a depth of 5 m were constructed in natural sandy gravels. The lateral loading on a head of tested piles is applied using a hydraulic press with a maximum force of 500 kN. A single pile and two piles in line were incrementally loaded with a controlled head displacement of 2 mm until the ultimate capacity of the pile was attained. The deflections of the piles were measured using an inclinometer probe through inclinometer casings installed in the axes of the piles. The results are analysed and approximated using the Fourier series and the Cesaro sum technique. The measurements are compared using a three-dimensional finite-element method and Rocscience RS3 software, whereas the modelling soil and pile material are compared using simple constitutive laws. The comparison results of the measured and computed deflections of the piles c...
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In an effort to develop an efficient method for interpretation of lateral pile load test results via measured inclinometer data only, an analytical model is proposed based on energy conservation of a pile-soil system. A Fourier series function is used to represent deflection behavior of the pile-soil system. In order to obtain shear, moment, and soil reaction along the pile shaft, convergence of the series after differentiation is guaranteed by applying the Cesaro sum technique. The concrete cra...
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The performance of laterally loaded piles is often obtained via in situ lateral pile–load tests. In general, inclinometer measurement is routinely used in these lateral pile–load tests. In an effort to develop an efficient method for interpretation of lateral pile–load test results via measured inclinometer data only, an analytical model is proposed based on the energy conservation of the pile–soil system. A Fourier series function is used to represent the deflection behaviour of the pile–soil s...
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A fundamental study of soil response of piles subjected to lateral loads in sand is conducted using the non-linear finite element approach. Stress paths for selected soil elements around a pile subjected to lateral loads are investigated. The effects of pile properties, i.e., stiffness and diameter, and soil properties, i.e., coefficient of horizontal earth pressure and soil dilatancy, on the soil response of a pile subjected to lateral loads are also investigated. Existing methods for predictin...
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Basis of design Analysis Materials and design data Design of sections for bending and axial force Shear, punching shear and torsion Slender columns and beams Serviceability limit states Durability Detailing Prestressed concrete Structural fire design Compliance with the Code will satisfy the requirements of the Construction Products Directive in respect of mechanical resistance.
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SUMMARY This paper presents results from a flnite element study on the behavior of a single pile in elastic{plastic soils. Pile behavior in uniform sand and clay soils as well as cases with sand layer in clay deposit and clay layer in sand deposit were analyzed and cross compared to investigate layering efiects. Finite element results were used to generate p i y curves and then compared with those obtained from methods commonly used in practice.
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Experimental investigations on model pile groups of configuration 1 × 1, 2 × 1, 3 × 1, 2 × 2, and 3 × 2 for embedment length-to-diameter ratios L/d = 12 and 38, spacing from 3 to 6 pile diameter, and pile friction angles δ = 20° and 31°, subjected to lateral loads, were conducted in dry Ennore sand obtained from Chennai, India. The load-displacement response, ultimate resistance, and group efficiency with spacing and number of piles in a group have been qualitatively and quantitatively investiga...
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Techniques for designIntroductionOccurrence of laterally loaded pilesNature of the soil responseResponse of a pile to kinds of loadingModels for use in analyses of a single pileModels for groups of piles under lateral loading Status of current state-of-the-art Derivation of equations and methods of solutionIntroductionDerivation of the differential equationSolution for Epy =kpyx Validity of the mechanicsModels for response of soil and weak rockIntroductionMechanics concerning response of soil to...
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Centrifuge tests were conducted on single and 3 × 3 pile groups at three-diameter (3D) and five-diameter (5D) spacings. In all of the tests, the piles were driven and laterally loaded in flight without stopping the centrifuge. The piles simulated 430 mm diameter by 13 m long pipe piles founded in medium loose (\iD\ir = 33%) and medium dense (\iD\ir = 55%) sands. Results of the tests showed that the ratio of lateral resistance of a group to a single pile, i.e. efficiency, was independent of soil ...
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To increase the stability of roadbed, the indexes of settlement control of half-filled and half-dug roadbed are analyzed and studied. First, assuming that the Poisson's ratio is a constant, the Prony series expression of the Merchant model is derived. Moreover, the subgrade settlement model was built using ABAQUS software. By calculation, the uneven settlement curve of road embankment under different working conditions is obtained. The curve shape is mainly shown as the “spoon” shape or the “S” ...
Gravel is a common geotechnical material in civil engineering. To investigate the lateral bearing behavior of monopile in gravel materials and deeply understand the microscopic mechanisms, parametric three-dimensional discrete element analyses are performed to study the lateral interaction between the single pile and gravel. First, using the experimental data of two typical gravel samples, the discrete element methods (DEM) for monopile in gravel materials are investigated. A discrete particle f...
#1Wanquan Sun (NCEPU: North China Electric Power University)H-Index: 1
Abstract To obtain deep insight into and understanding of the mechanical behavior and evolution of the lateral interaction between a single pile and soil-rock mixture material (S/RM), parametric two-dimensional discrete element analyses were performed to investigate the effects of different rock proportions. Adequate numerical simulations for the S/RM were first studied and verified by field direct shear tests. The results demonstrated that the binary discrete numerical models were able to captu...
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The stability of a soil slope, reinforced by a concrete pile, is studied both experimentally and numerically in this work. Our study suggests that when the concrete pile is located in the middle of the slope (at x/r = 0.5), the soil structure collapses under a pressure of 10.9 kPa that is the highest overburden pressure to cause instability of the tested reinforced sandy slope. However, when the pile is located in the upslope (at x/r = 0.75) or downslope (at x/r = 0.25), the slope failure occurs...
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Monopiles are the most common foundation type used for fixed-bottom substructures in offshore wind installations. In an offshore environment, the predominant load is cyclic, which affects the stiffness and deformation properties of foundation systems, especially monopiles. To investigate the effect of cyclic loading on a short (rigid) steel monopile, a set of displacement-controlled ηg laboratory tests were designed. This paper presents the procedure and results of eight centrifuge tests investi...
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In this paper scientific activities of the Croatian Landslide Group (CLG), World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Risk Reduction (WCoE) of the International Consortium on Landslide (ICL) for the period 2014–2017, are shortly described. The results of scientific research are presented through the fields of landslide science: landslide identification and mapping, landslide investigation and testing, landslide monitoring, landslide modelling and landslide stabilization and remediation. It is concl...
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