Evaluation and Application of Andragogical Assumptions to the Adult Online Learning Environment

Published on Jan 1, 2007in Journal of Interactive Online Learning
Laurie C. Blondy1
Estimated H-index: 1
The usefulness and application of andragogical assumptions has long been debated by adult educators. The assumptions of andragogy are often criticized due to the lack of empirical evidence to support them, even though several educational theories are represented within the assumptions. In adult online education, these assumptions represent an ideal starting point for educators to use in their instructional approach. Application of these assumptions with respect to the type of course being taught and individual student needs can help create a learner centered approach to online education.
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Engaging the Online Learners includes an innovative framework--the Phases of Engagement--that helps instructors become more involved as knowledge generators and cofacilitators of a course. The book also provides specific ideas for tested activities (collected from experienced online instructors across the nation) that can go a long way to improving online learning. Engaging the Online Learner offers the tools and information needed to: * Convert classroom activities to an online environment and ...
This article describes the evolving learning model of the Fielding Graduate Institute's innovative Ph.D. Program in Human and Organization Development. Based on the principles of andragogy, this program developed various forms of distance learning combining brief academic residencies with individualized learning plans carried out in the student's home setting and within the context of one-to-one faculty-student mentoring relationships. During the past several years, the program has been moving t...
Andragogy and self-directed learning continue to be important to our present-day understanding of adult learning.
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Abstract This review examines the research literature in distance education over a ten鈥恲ear period from 1990 to 1999. Using four prominent, peer鈥恟eviewed, English鈥恖anguage distance education journals and the dissertation abstracts that were related to the field of distance education, the authors found 1,419 total articles and abstracts. Only those articles reporting a research methodology (n = 890) were included in this study. A categorization system based on Sherry (1996) was used to categorize...
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From the Publisher: Authors Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt have written a comprehensive reference for faculty to use to hone their skills as online instructors and for students to use to become more effective online learners. Filled with numerous examples from actual online courses and insights from teachers and students, Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom covers the entire online teaching process. This essential guide offers helpful suggestions for dealing with such critical issues as evaluati...
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CONCEPTS AND FOUNDATIONS Linking Learning with Development Key Theories That Inform Practice Teaching with Developmental Intentions STRATEGIES AND EXERCISES Assessing Collaborating Experimenting Imagining Inquiring Performance-Simulating Reflecting BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER OF ADULTS Teaching and Training Matters Observing Our Practices Accepting the Challenges of Growth Appendix A. An Experiential Theory of Development Appendix B. Constructive-Developmental Theories Appendix C. Relational M...
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Abraham Maslow (1954) attempted to synthesize a large body of research related to human motivation. Prior to Maslow, researchers generally focused separately on such factors as biology, achievement, or power to explain what energizes, directs, and sustains human behavior. Maslow posited a hierarchy of human needs based on two groupings: deficiency needs and growth needs. Within the deficiency needs, each lower need must be met before moving to the next higher level. Once each of these needs has ...
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Abstract null null While adult literacy programs are considered as a potentially important vehicle to improve literacy and numeracy skills, their impact on the livelihoods of the rural poor in an integrated approach is less focused. Thus, this research examined the contributions of adult literacy in the Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE) program for the enhancement of livelihoods. Embedded mixed method design was used where data were obtained from structured interviews conducted with 2...
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This multiple case study of four journalism and mass communication programs examines teaching presence as a mechanism for mitigating transactional distance in online learning environments. This stu...
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Purpose: Knowledge exchange networks are critical to farmer success and help reduce barriers to entry and growth for new farmers. This study explores informal and formal knowledge exchange networks...
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OBJECTIVE Pain management in persons with mild to moderate dementia poses unique challenges because of altered pain modulation and the tendency of some individuals to perseverate. We aimed to test the impact of an e-learning module about pain in communicative people with dementia on third-year medical students who had or had not completed an experiential geriatrics course. DESIGN Analysis of pre- to postlearning changes and comparison of the same across the student group. SETTING University of P...
This study seeks to understand why some social workers seem to connect and engage openly with opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) while others seem to have a more conflicted relationship with their learning. Using psychoanalytically informed free association narrative interviews with eight social workers, the study explores the participant鈥檚 emotional experience of CPD. The data is analysed using an 鈥楨volved approach鈥 (Cooper, 2014) in which it is examined for new ideas a...
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: Professional physical therapist education has experienced a transformation over the last few decades, moving to a doctoring profession with more autonomy and a broader scope of practice. These changes have occurred in parallel with systemic and structural changes in health care and higher education, both of which have experienced challenges with improving access and controlling costs, and have become a centerpiece of legislative and political discourse. At the same time, advances in technology...
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