The Impact of Market Orientation on Patient Safety Climate Among Hospital Nurses.

Published on Mar 1, 2016in Evaluation & the Health Professions1.578
· DOI :10.1177/0163278714521811
Rhay-Hung Weng4
Estimated H-index: 4
(National Quemoy University),
Jung-Chien Chen1
Estimated H-index: 1
+ 2 AuthorsTzu-Chi Lin1
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Improving market orientation and patient safety have become the key concerns of nursing management. For nurses, establishing a patient safety climate is the key to enhancing nursing quality. This study explores how market orientation affects the climate of patient safety among hospital nurses. We proposed adopting a cross-sectional research design and using questionnaires to collect responses from nurses working in two Taiwanese hospitals. Three-hundred and forty-three valid samples were obtained. Multiple regression and path analyses were conducted to test the study. Market orientation was defined as the combination of customer orientation,
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The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptual market orientation gaps between physician and patients and its impact on relationship quality and patient loyalty, and to verify the critical role of internal marketing on developing market orientation. Self-administered questionnaires were then employed to collect the data. We used a convenience sample of physicians and patients at a medical center in central Taiwan, and 90 usable questionnaires from physicians and 450 usable questionnaire...
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BACKGROUND: Recently, many hospitals have been enthusiastically encouraging nurses to pursue nursing innovation to improve health care quality and increase nursing productivity by proposing innovative training methods, products, services, care skills, and care methods. PURPOSES: This study tried to explore the cross-level impact of market orientation on nursing innovation. METHODOLOGY: In our study, 3 to 7 nurses and 1 manager were selected from each nursing team to act as respondents. The quest...
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Objective To measure patient safety culture in Belgian hospitals and to examine the homogeneous grouping of underlying safety culture dimensions. Methods The Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture was distributed organisation-wide in 180 Belgian hospitals participating in the federal program on quality and safety between 2007 and 2009. Participating hospitals were invited to submit their data to a comparative database. Homogeneous groups of underlying safety culture dimensions were sought by ...
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Aims and objectives. To explore the cross-level effects of the four dimensions of patient safety climate on nursing innovation. Background. Across the globe, nursing innovation is highly encouraged by nursing experts to improve nursing outcome. Nursing innovation, in turn, is affected by organisational climate, and a critical aspect of organisational climate is patient safety. Design. This is a cross-sectional study. Methods. We employed a questionnaire survey to collect data and selected nurses...
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teng c.-i., shyu y.-i.l., dai y.-t., wong m.-k., chu t.-l. & chou t.-a. (2012) Journal of Nursing Management 20, 311–318 Nursing accreditation system and patient safety Aims This study investigated whether nursing accreditation level affects patient safety. Background The nursing accreditation system evaluates the capabilities of nursing professionals in Taiwan. While this system has been in place for years, few studies have investigated whether nursing accreditation level is associated with pat...
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tsai y. & wu s.-w. (2011) Using internal marketing to improve organizational commitment and service quality. Journal of Advanced Nursing67(12), 2593–2604. Abstract Aim. The purpose of this article was to explore the structural relationships among internal marketing, organizational commitment and service quality and to practically apply the findings. Background. Internal marketing is a way to assist hospitals in improving the quality of the services that they provide while executing highly labour...
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Background The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of internal marketing on job satisfaction in health services, particularly in public hospitals in Northern Greece.
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Aim: This article is a report of a study to identify the ways nursing leaders and managers in a developing country have an impact on patient safety. Background: The attempt to address the problem of patient safety in health care is a global issue. Literature addressing the significant impact that nursing leadership has on patient safety is extensive and focuses almost exclusively on the developed world. Design: A critical ethnography was conducted with senior registered nursing leaders and manag...
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Objective: Several hospitals have embraced customer orientation as a strategy to better meet patients' needs, desires, and wishes. This study therefore investigates how hospitals can boost the extent to which patients feel treated in a customer-oriented way by staff (hereafter, “perceived customer orientation”) and its implications for their satisfaction with the hospital. Design: A cross-sectional study of hospital staff's interpersonal skills (interpersonal quality) and the atmosphere and phys...
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AbstractThis study examines the mediating role of basic need satisfaction (autonomy, relatedness, and competence) in the relationship between HRM and work outcomes (work engagement and patient orie...
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Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have a long and rich history of events. The transition from magic to modern medication was gradually achieved over thousands of years of evolution. Ambroise Pare, a French anatomist and surgeon from the 16th century, stated that it was very simple: “The doctor cares, God heals.” The medical-industrial complex appears to grow much faster than the economic power. And this is because the system is oriented not only by the demand, but also by doctors who play...
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