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This research is studying about novel null Faraj . The novel contains an overview of the silencing the student movement’s resistance during the capitalist government. This resistance rises due to the cooperation policy between Egypt and the U.S, which impact on intervention of the U.S in Egypt economic and political affairs. The Egyptian students begin, intensively, to discuss these issues, write numerous articles about resistance and criticism of the government, and perform various protests in ...
This research was conducted to explain the cultural acculturation of the Yemeni and Malay zapin dance as a means of da'wah Islamiyah in Malaysia. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. In this research, literature study was also carried out as a data collection method. There is a theory in this research, namely the theory of cultural diffusion and from the point of view of a historical approach. The aim of this research is to reveal the acculturation elements of the Yemeni ...
#1Khabib Akbar Maulana (UGM: Gadjah Mada University)
#2Moh. Masrukhi (UGM: Gadjah Mada University)H-Index: 1
This research explains the categories and syntactic roles of Arabic in the book null Nashâ? Iħul-ʕIbâd null by Syekh Nawawi Al-Bantani based on the theory of roles and references grammar. This research is a descriptive qualitative with a purposive sampling method of presenting data that is separated from 112 data. The research method used in this study is the Agih method with basic techniques for direct elements using advanced techniques in the form of markup reading techniques on lingual elemen...
Research on works that adopt the stories contained in the Al-Qur'an, needs to be examined to find out the originality of the story or the creativity of the authors that are contained in the works. Among the works that adopt the text of the Qur'an are the work entitled Qishashun-Nabiyyīn lil-Athfāl by Abi Al-Hasan Ali al-Hasan an-Nadwiy (2017) and the work Kalam-Qu: The stories in Al- The Qur'an by Jamal Qasim (2018). Both of these works are intended for children. This is the reason these two wor...
This research aims to describe the structure of the text and the meaning of the poetry on the book Ta'līmu Al-Muta'allīm by Burhānuddīn Az-Zarnūji. This research will be analyzed through structural and Roman Ingarden's strata of norm approach which reveals about educational values. This descriptive qualitative research employs observation and note technique as a method of data collection, in which the researcher records data in the form of verses in the Ta'līmu Al-Muta'allīm book, especially tho...
This study aims to give an overview, review and actualize referral sources in the literary criticism of classical Arabic along with the figures from the source of the referral, which is expected to help and enrich the knowledge and insight for learners criticism in Arabic literature. The method used is descriptive qualitative and the study of literature. Through this method the data and studies taken from various sources of literature are then described and presented in the form of words based o...
This research aims to reveal the social facts that happened in 1982’s Lebanese War in A'tuna Tufuli’s song by Remi Bandali. This song explains the hope of children who affected by war. It relates to the incident when the song composed, namely the 1982’s Lebanese War between Israel and Palestinian refugees so there are social facts reflected in it. The disclosure of social facts in this research will be analyzed by Semiotic Riffaterre theory. The research method is hereustic and hermeneutic readi...
This study aims to reveal the resistance strategy used by Faruq Juwaidah, an Egyptian poet who has high concern for the fate of the Palestinians who are under Israeli Zionist rule. The object of this research material is Risalatun Ila Sarun I and II in which there are resistance values. The method used is a semiotic reading which consists of heuristic and hermeneutic reading. The results of this study indicate that the resistance strategy in Faruq Juwaidah's poetry is criticism. This form of cri...
#1Chang-Kye LeeH-Index: 3
#1Changkye Lee (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
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A lemniscate is a curve defined by two foci F1 and F2. If the distance between the focal points of F1 - F2 is 2a (a: constant), then any point P on the lemniscate curve satisfies the equation PF1 PF2 = a^2. Jacob Bernoulli first described the lemniscate in 1694, and the lemniscate function was subsequently proposed by Gauss around the year 1800. A leaf function is an extended lemniscate function. I have previously presented formulas that describe leaf functions, such as the addition theorem of t...
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