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Whether there are common features inherent to the psychology of Indigenous peoples around the globe has been the subject of much debate. We argue that Indigenous peoples share the experience of colonization and its social and psychological consequences. We develop this argument across four sections: (a) the global history of colonization and social inequalities; (b) aspects concerning identity and group processes, including the intergenerational transmission of shared values, the connection with...
#1Paul A. M. Van Lange (VU: VU University Amsterdam)H-Index: 68
Last. David G. Rand (MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology)H-Index: 68
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Contemporary society is facing many social dilemmas-including climate change, COVID-19, and misinformation-characterized by a conflict between short-term self-interest and longer-term collective interest. The climate crisis requires paying costs today to benefit distant others (and oneself) in the future. The COVID-19 crisis requires the less vulnerable to pay costs to benefit the more vulnerable in the face of great uncertainty. The misinformation crisis requires investing effort to assess trut...
Although a great deal of effort in tasks, projects, and jobs is fueled by our interactions and relationships, psychologists have often overlooked the social forces that shape work motivation. In this review, we examine new developments in research on the interpersonal dynamics that enable and constrain proactivity, persistence, performance, and productivity. The first section examines the impact of competition on work motivation, including the roles of rivalries, favorite versus underdog expecta...
Persistence in and timely disengagement from personal goals are core components of successful self-regulation and therefore relevant to well-being and performance. In the history of motivation psychology, there has been a clear emphasis on persistence. Only recently have researchers become interested in goal disengagement, as mirrored by the amount of pertinent research. In this review, we present an overview of the most influential motivational theories on persistence and disengagement that add...
#1Patricia G. Devine (UW: University of Wisconsin-Madison)H-Index: 57
#2Tory Ash (SU: Syracuse University)
In this review, we utilize a narrative approach to synthesize the multidisciplinary literature on diversity training. In examining hundreds of articles on the topic, we discovered that the literature is amorphous and complex and does not allow us to reach decisive conclusions regarding best practices in diversity training. We note that scholars of diversity training, when testing the efficacy of their approaches, too often use proxy measures for success that are far removed from the types of con...
#1Gerben A. van Kleef (UvA: University of Amsterdam)H-Index: 63
#2Stéphane Côté (U of T: University of Toronto)H-Index: 33
We review the burgeoning literature on the social effects of emotions, documenting the impact of emotional expressions on observers' affect, cognition, and behavior. We find convergent evidence that emotional expressions influence observers' affective reactions, inferential processes, and behaviors across various domains, including close relationships, group decision making, customer service, negotiation, and leadership. Affective reactions and inferential processes mediate the effects of emotio...
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#1Bas VerplankenH-Index: 54
#2Sheina Orbell (University of Essex)H-Index: 49
Efforts to guide peoples’ behavior towards environmental sustainability, good health, or new products have emphasized informational and attitude change strategies. There is evidence that changing attitudes leads to changes in behavior, yet this approach takes insufficient account of the nature and operation of habits, which form boundary conditions for attitude-directed interventions. Integration of research on attitudes and habits might enable investigators to identify when and how behavior cha...
#1Elizabeth Levy Paluck (Princeton University)H-Index: 5
#1Elizabeth Levy Paluck (Princeton University)H-Index: 3
Last. Donald P. Green (Columbia University)H-Index: 84
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The past decade has seen rapid growth in research that evaluates methods for reducing prejudice. This essay reviews 418 experiments reported in 309 manuscripts from 2007 to 2019 to assess which app...
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#1Qi Wang (Cornell University)H-Index: 51
#1Qi Wang (Cornell University)H-Index: 1
Human memory, as a product of the mind and brain, is inherently private and personal. Yet, arising from the interaction between the organism and its ecology in the course of phylogeny and ontogeny,...
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#1Scott Atran (University of Oxford)H-Index: 1
#1Scott Atran (University of Oxford)H-Index: 55
Last. Scott Atran (University of Oxford)H-Index: 1
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Fear of transnational terrorism, along with a revitalization of sectarian nationalism, is sundering social and political consensus across the world. Can psychology help? The focus of this review is...
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