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#1Ann C. Schulte (NCSU: North Carolina State University)H-Index: 17
Memorializes Carol McDonald Connor (1953-2020). Connor's research focused on understanding child-by-instruction interactions in the classroom. She began this work with a series of observational studies documenting that children's responses to different types of reading instruction varied markedly depending on their language, self-regulation, and reading skills. She then used her observational results to "reverse engineer" recommendations for the amounts and types of literacy instruction most lik...
#1Thomas Gilovich (Cornell University)H-Index: 73
#2Mark R. Lepper (Stanford University)H-Index: 51
Last. Andrew Ward (Swarthmore College)H-Index: 20
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Memorializes Lee D. Ross (1942-2021). Ross made many contributions to social psychology. He had a knack for seeing the broad and deep psychological processes underlying individual episodes of rich, everyday behavior. Ross then crafted experiments that explored those processes in a way that was engaging and unusually memorable. After completing his PhD degree in 1969, Ross joined the faculty at Stanford University, where he taught for 52 years. Ross first achieved prominence in 1977 when he coine...
#1Stephen J. Ceci (Cornell University)H-Index: 77
#2Frank H. Farley (TU: Temple University)H-Index: 15
Memorializes James (Jim) R. Flynn (1934-2020). Jim was one of psychology's most influential thinkers even though he was not a psychologist, receiving a PhD in 1958 in politics and moral philosophy at the University of Chicago. At the time of his death, Jim was Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Over the course of his career, Jim amassed several high impact papers and books, including his two Psychological Bulletin articles, "Massive IQ Gains in 14 Nations: ...
Memorializes Ed Diener (1946-2021). Although academic articles on wellbeing are now commonplace, this has not always been the case. Ed Diener helped to establish this growing and important topic of research. Ed published the Psychological Bulletin article entitled "Subjective Well-Being" in 1984, launching subjective well-being (SWB) research. The following year, Ed and his students published the Satisfaction With Life Scale, one of the most widely used measures of well-being and a paper that ha...
#1Darcia Narvaez (ND: University of Notre Dame)H-Index: 39
#2David S. Moore (Pitzer College)H-Index: 14
Last. Robert Lickliter (FIU: Florida International University)H-Index: 40
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Which evolutionary theory can best benefit psychological theory, research, and application? The most well-known school of evolutionary psychology has a narrow conceptual perspective (a.k.a., "Narrow Evolutionary Psychology" or NEP). Proponents of NEP have long argued that their brand of evolutionary psychology represents a full-fledged scientific revolution, with Buss (2020) recently likening NEP's scientific impact to that of a Copernican or Darwinian paradigm shift. However, NEP stands on two ...
#1Dustin A. Fife (Rowan University)H-Index: 7
#2Joseph Lee Rodgers (Vandy: Vanderbilt University)H-Index: 55
In light of the "replication crisis," some advocate for stricter standards and greater transparency in research methods. These efforts push toward a data analysis approach called "confirmatory data analysis" (CDA; see Wagenmakers et al., 2012). However, some (e.g., Baumeister, 2016; Goldin-Meadow, 2016) suggest that emphasizing CDA may restrict creativity and discovery. These scholars argued (sometimes inadvertently) for greater freedom to pursue "exploratory data analysis" (EDA; see Tukey, 1977...
African American adolescents are grossly overrepresented in rates of school suspensions for minor disciplinary infractions; however, the consequences associated with this disciplinary practice are unknown. African American adolescents who were suspended for minor infractions may perceive school rules and adults as unfair and illegitimate, and these poor perceptions toward school may compromise their social and interpersonal resources necessary for academic success. The present study investigates...
#1Gail M. Ferguson (UMN: University of Minnesota)H-Index: 13
#2Lauren Eales (UMN: University of Minnesota)H-Index: 3
Last. Keira B. Leneman (UMN: University of Minnesota)H-Index: 2
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Family socialization into the centuries-old culture of Whiteness-involving colorblindness, passivity, and fragility-perpetrates and perpetuates U.S. racism, reflecting an insidious Whiteness pandemic. As a poignant case study, this mixed methods study examined Whiteness socialization among White mothers (N = 392, M = 37.99 years, SD = 4.34) in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the month following the May 2020 police killing of unarmed Black resident, George Floyd. Using Helms' (1984, 2017) White racial ...
#1Cassandra Vieten (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 19
#2David LukoffH-Index: 21
Religion and spirituality (R/S) are important aspects of human diversity that should be explicitly addressed in the field of psychology. The field has already included R/S in its definitions of multiculturalism, but while multicultural training is routinely included in doctoral level psychology course work and internship programs, it rarely includes specific training in R/S diversity. Polls of the American public indicate that religion and spirituality are important in most people's lives, and h...
#1Melinda GarciaH-Index: 3
#2Debra M. Kawahara (Alliant International University)H-Index: 6
Last. Natalie Porter (Alliant International University)H-Index: 5
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Memorializes Jean Lau Chin (1944-2020). Jean was an academic leader. At the time of her death, Jean was Professor of Psychology, Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, where she served as Dean for 4 years. Prior to Adelphi, Jean was Dean of the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, where she administered more than 15 doctoral and master's programs in clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, and clinical counseling across six ...
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