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#1Jenny Scott (University of Bath)H-Index: 10
#2Graeme Henderson (UoB: University of Bristol)H-Index: 43
#1Kim S. Betts (Curtin University)H-Index: 15
#2Steve Kisely (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 42
Last. Rosa Alati (Curtin University)H-Index: 48
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Cannabis use is increasing among women of reproductive age, warranting a greater understanding of the impact of prenatal cannabis use on offspring developmental outcomes. We tested for a potential relationship between prenatal cannabis use disorders (CUD) and offspring educational outcomes across primary and secondary school. DESIGN Data were drawn from the New South Wales (NSW) Perinatal Data Collection, which included all live births in the Australian state of NSW between J...
#1Suvi M. Virtanen (UH: University of Helsinki)H-Index: 76
#2Tyra Lagerberg (KI: Karolinska Institutet)H-Index: 4
Last. Antti Latvala (UH: University of Helsinki)H-Index: 22
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are widely prescribed medications for patients with anxiety/depression. These patients often have problems with substance use, but it remains unclear whether the risk of substance misuse is influenced by SSRI treatment. We aimed to determine whether SSRI treatment is associated with a decreased risk of acute substance misuse-related outcomes. DESIGN Cohort study following individuals through Swedish nation-wide registers between...
#1Adrian Dunlop (University of Newcastle)H-Index: 22
#2Bethany White (USYD: University of Sydney)H-Index: 7
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Opioid agonist treatment is effective but resource intensive to administer safely in custodial settings, leading to significant under-treatment of opioid dependence in these settings world-wide. This study assessed the safety of subcutaneous slow-release depot buprenorphine in custody. DESIGN Open-label, non-randomized trial. SETTING Correctional centres in New South Wales, Australia. PARTICIPANTS Sixty-seven men and women, aged ≥ 18 years of various security classifications ...
#1Katie Myers Smith (QMUL: Queen Mary University of London)H-Index: 9
#2Anna Phillips-Waller (QMUL: Queen Mary University of London)H-Index: 6
Last. Peter Hajek (QMUL: Queen Mary University of London)H-Index: 55
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The majority of smokers accessing the current best treatments continue to smoke. We aimed to test if e-cigarettes (EC) compared with nicotine replacement treatment (NRT) can help such smokers reduce smoking. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial of EC (n=68) vs NRT (n=67) with 6-month follow-up. SETTING Stop smoking service in London, UK. PARTICIPANTS 135 smokers (median age=40, 51% males) previously unable to stop smoking with conventional treatments. INTERVENTIONS Participants...
#1Ileana Pacheco-Colón (FIU: Florida International University)H-Index: 8
#2Catalina Lopez-Quintero (UF: University of Florida)H-Index: 16
Last. Jacqueline C. Duperrouzel (Boston Children's Hospital)H-Index: 7
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Background and aims null Although poor decision-making (DM) has been correlated with problematic cannabis use (CU), cross-sectional designs make it difficult to determine whether poor DM represents an antecedent and/or consequence of CU. The current study measured bidirectional associations between CU and DM among adolescents over 2 years and compared these findings to those observed with episodic memory, which is consistently reported as a consequence of CU. We also measured the role of DM as a...
#1Mareike Augsburger (UZH: University of Zurich)H-Index: 8
#2Esta Kaal (TU: Tallinn University)H-Index: 1
Last. Helen Noormets (NIH: National Institutes of Health)H-Index: 1
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Estonia has one of the highest alcohol-attributable mortality rates within the European Union. The aim of this study was to estimate the efficacy of an online self-help intervention to reduce problem drinking at the population level. DESIGN Online open randomized controlled trial with an 8-week intervention and an active control group (intervention n=303, control n=286). Assessments took place at baseline and at 6 months follow-up. SETTING Online and offline channels were use...
#1Jake W. O'Brien (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 28
#2Benjamin J. Tscharke (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 18
Last. Wayne Hall (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 128
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AIM To test if there was a reduction in alcohol consumption in wastewater samples in the Northern Territory of Australia after the implementation of a minimum unit alcohol price policy (MUP) in October 2018. DESIGN, SETTING, CASES Between August 2016 and February 2020, wastewater samples were collected across 66 sites in the Northern Territory and all other states and territories in Australia. Samples were collected every 2 months in capital cities and every 4 months in regional places during th...
#1Nyashadzaishe Mafirakureva (UoB: University of Bristol)H-Index: 5
#2Jack Stone (UoB: University of Bristol)H-Index: 12
Last. Helgar MusyokiH-Index: 15
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment is essential for eliminating HCV in people who inject drugs (PWID) but has limited coverage in resource-limited settings. We measured the cost-effectiveness of a pilot HCV screening and treatment intervention using directly-observed therapy among PWID attending harm reduction services in Nairobi, Kenya. DESIGN We utilised an existing model of HIV and HCV transmission among current and former PWID in Nairobi to estimate the cost-effectiveness ...
#1Greg Midgette (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park)H-Index: 2
#2Jonathan P. Caulkins (CMU: Carnegie Mellon University)H-Index: 60
Last. Peter Reuter (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park)H-Index: 60
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