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#1Cong Dai (PRC: China Medical University (PRC))H-Index: 9
Climate change has been described as the greatest public health threat of the 21st century. It has significant implications for digestive health. A multinational team with representation from all continents, excluding Antarctica and covering 18 countries, has formulated a commentary which outlines both the implications for digestive health and ways in which this challenge can be faced.
#1Anne K. Thomann (UM: University of Manitoba)
Last. Wolfgang ReindlH-Index: 22
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Goal null The aim of this study was to investigate the network of biopsychosocial factors and quality of life (QoL) in persons with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) and explore the influence of psychological factors on the course of the disease. null Background null QoL of persons with IBD depends on disease activity but also on numerous interacting psychosocial factors. The influence of psychosocial factors on the disease course in controversially discussed. null Materials and methods null In...
#1David A. Leiman (WashU: Washington University in St. Louis)
#2Karthik RaviH-Index: 19
Last. C. Prakash GyawaliH-Index: 29
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GOALS The aim was to quantify proton pump inhibitor (PPI) practice habits among gastroenterology (GI) practitioners. BACKGROUND Reports of side effects have prompted patients and practitioners alike to discontinue PPI use. Emerging evidence-based literature on PPI risks and safety seek to guide practitioners, but the impact of this literature on PPI prescribing patterns has not been evaluated. STUDY We performed an anonymous online survey of US GI practitioners across 6 academic and community af...
#1Antonio Facciorusso (Anschutz Medical Campus)
#2Daryl RamaiH-Index: 9
Last. Mouen A. KhashabH-Index: 69
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BACKGROUND There is limited evidence on the efficacy of peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) in patients with esophageal diverticula. AIMS This meta-analysis aimed to assess the efficacy and safety profile of POEM in patients with Zenker (ZD) and epiphrenic diverticula. METHODS With a literature search through August 2020, we identified 12 studies (300 patients) assessing POEM in patients with esophageal diverticula. The primary outcome was treatment success. Results were expressed as pooled rates ...
#1Brittany B. Dennis (McMaster University)H-Index: 21
#2Sandy Sallam (Stanford University)H-Index: 5
Last. Aijaz Ahmed (Stanford University)H-Index: 43
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) comprises a spectrum of liver conditions characterized by significant lipid deposition within hepatocytes. As an overarching diagnosis, NAFLD contains a continuum of progressive liver diseases ranging from isolated liver steatosis to necroinflammatory states leading to end-stage liver disease. Nonalcoholic fatty liver and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis are distinguished by their histologic patterns, with the former exhibiting steatosis without fibrosis or i...
The 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), an airborne infection caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has resulted in a global pandemic. SARS-CoV-2 relies on the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor for cellular entry and the abundance of this receptor in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract may help explain the GI manifestations, including dysgeusia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, present in over 40% of infected patients. GI tract involvement als...
Gastroesophageal reflux (GOR) is defined as "the passage of gastric contents into the esophagus with or without regurgitation and vomiting" and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is defined "when GOR leads to troublesome symptoms affecting the daily functioning and/or complications." This definition was first developed in 2006 by the Montreal consensus group (1) and later on adopted by pediatric gastroenterology societies such as ESPGHAN and NASPGHAN in 2009 (2). The definition of gastroesop...
#1Carla Marinelli (UNIPD: University of Padua)H-Index: 11
#2Fabiana ZingoneH-Index: 22
Last. Nicola FerriH-Index: 31
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Background/goal null Ulcerative colitis (UC) is characterized by chronic inflammation and progressive course, with potential extraintestinal complications including cardiovascular mortality. Serum proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) levels have been recently recognized as biomarkers of low-grade inflammation and cardiovascular disease. The aim of our study was to evaluate PCSK9 levels in patients with UC and different degrees of disease activity. null Methods null We prospectiv...
#1Yong Zhu (Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 3
Last. Jian He
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BACKGROUND The aim was to compare the differences of clinical-radiologic characteristics between malignant and benign causes of patients with unexplained distal obstructive biliary dilatation and to develop a logistic regression model (nomogram) based on those features to predict malignant causes preoperatively. PATIENTS AND METHODS Clinical-radiologic characteristics of 133 patients with unexplained distal obstructive biliary dilatation were analyzed. Multivariate logistic regression analysis w...
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