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#1Keke Liu (U.H.: University of Hawaii at Manoa)
#2Yukun Guo (OHSU: Oregon Health & Science University)H-Index: 15
Last. Yali Jia (OHSU: Oregon Health & Science University)H-Index: 43
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A limitation of conventional optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) is the limited field of view normally used in data acquisition. As the technology improves, larger fields of view that capture information away from the macular are being explored in order to provide an enhanced ability to detect pathology. However, normative measurements for important OCTA metrics like vessel density and intercapillary distance are not currently well-characterized in the peripheral retina. In this pros...
#1Reziwan Keyimu (Sichuan University)H-Index: 1
#2Maimaitituxun Tuerdi (XMU: Xinjiang Medical University)
Last. Zhihe ZhaoH-Index: 29
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Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is the sixth malignancy in the world with high incidence. The MSX2 (muscle segment homeobox 2)-Sry-related high-mobility box 2 (SOX2) signaling pathway plays a significant role in maintaining cancer stem cells, which are the origin of malignancy, leading to unfavorable outcomes in several carcinomas. This study aims to elucidate the mechanisms through which the MSX2-SOX2 pathway controls the cancer stem cell-like characterization in OSCC. The results showed th...
Bacillus subtilis is a successful host for producing recombinant proteins. Its GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status and its remarkable innate ability to absorb and incorporate exogenous DNA into its genome make this organism an ideal platform for the heterologous expression of bioactive substances. The factors that corroborate its value can be attributed to the scientific knowledge obtained from decades of study regarding its biology that has fostered the development of several genetic eng...
#1Wei-Jie Luo (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)H-Index: 3
#2Shi-Wei He (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)H-Index: 3
Last. Yan Ping Mao (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)H-Index: 43
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Non-keratinizing nasopharyngeal carcinoma, the major subtype of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, is characterized by low differentiation and a close relation to Epstein-Barr virus infection, which indicat...
#1Grace Champlin (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)
#2Scott N. Hwang (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)H-Index: 24
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Silent cerebral infarcts and arteriopathy are common and progressive in individuals with sickle cell anemia. However, most data describing brain lesions in sickle cell anemia are cross-sectional or...
#1Kathleen Romond (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 1
#2Minhaj Nur Alam (Stanford University)
Last. Joelle A. Hallak (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 14
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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of severe vision loss. With our aging population, it may affect 288 million people globally by the year 2040. AMD progresses from an early ...
#1Shuliang Jiao (FIU: Florida International University)H-Index: 31
#2Yali Jia (OHSU: Oregon Health & Science University)H-Index: 43
Last. Xincheng Yao (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 23
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#1Dan Ni (University of South China)
#2Zhong-Cheng Mo (GLMU: Guilin Medical University)
Last. Guanghui Yi (University of South China)
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Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease and stroke, caused by atherosclerosis have become the "number one killer", seriously endangering human health in developing and developed countries. Atherosclerosis mainly occurs in large and medium-sized arteries and involves intimal thickening, accumulation of foam cells, and formation of atheromatous plaques. Autophagy is a cellular catabolic process that has evolved to defend cells from the turnover of intracellular ...
Last. Xiaojun Zhou (Soochow University (Suzhou))
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Gastric cancer is the third dominating cause of cancer-associated death. MiroRNAs are potential clinical tools for cancer diagnosis and therapy. In this project, we demonstrated significant overexpression of ONECUT2 and down-regulation of hsa-miR-15a-5p in gastric cancer via bioinformatics analysis and in vitro assays. Meanwhile, ONECUT2 expression is related to clinical prognosis in gastric cancer and inversely proportional to the differentiation degree of gastric adenocarcinoma according to im...
#1Li Yan ('SMMU': Second Military Medical University)H-Index: 1
#2Yu Zhang ('SMMU': Second Military Medical University)H-Index: 1
Last. Zhiru Ge ('SMMU': Second Military Medical University)H-Index: 3
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In heart failure (HF) patients with reduced ejection fraction, LIPCAR, a long noncoding RNA is elevated and is associated with left ventricular remodeling and poor prognosis. We studied the role of...
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