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An intraoperative power failure (IOPF) is a complete or partial absence of the electrical power supply with or without the availability of a backup generator system during an operative or other invasive procedure. An IOPF can be stressful for the OR team and puts surgical patients at risk for adverse outcomes. To prepare providers for an IOPF, a CRNA piloted a project to create an evidence-based, facility-specific cognitive aid (CA) to guide decision making and enhance patient management and out...
AORN sets quality improvement (QI) standards that nurses can use to collect and interpret data. There are a variety of benchmarks available from national organizations and regulatory bodies: AORN provides evidence-based guidelines for perioperative practice, whereas The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services specify patient care requirements. Nurses can use the subject, objective observations, analysis, and plan (SOAP) format to assess, diagnose, plan, and communicate ...
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Parental presence protocols Key words: anxiety reduction, parental presence, pediatric patients, induction, emergence. Music in the OR Key words: music intervention, headphones, patient anxiety, music selection, personal music delivery device. Transfusion regulations Key words: blood transfusion, documentation requirements, blood product administration, plasma. Clinical blood product transfusions Key words: adverse transfusion reaction, patient assessment, patient blood management, incompatibili...
Surgical smoke is reported to contain toxic compounds (e.g., hydrogen cyanide, toluene), bioaerosols, viruses (e.g., human papillomavirus [HPV]), potentially viable cancer cells, respirable particles 5.0 micrometers and smaller, blood fragments, and bacteria.1 According to Emily Jones, MSN, RN, CNOR, NPD-BC, perioperative practice specialist and lead author of the guideline, the content in this updated guideline was reorganized to align with the hierarchy of controls from the Centers for Disease...
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Perioperative nurses are responsible for generating and using evidence to improve patient care. To protect human participants during research activities, government regulations enacted after widely publicized research misconduct specify that institutions receiving federal funds must have an institutional review board (IRB) comprising at least five members. Board members have many responsibilities, including completing a thorough review of each section of the application and attachments (eg, cons...
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