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#1Wei Wang (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)H-Index: 1
#2Yang Liu (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)
Last. Zongwu Xie (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)
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Gecko has the ability to climb flexibly on various natural surfaces because of its fine layered adhesion system of foot, which has motivated researchers to carry out a lot of researches on it. Significant progresses have been made in the gecko-like dry adhesive surfaces in the past 2 decades, such as the mechanical measurement of adhesive characteristics, the theoretical modeling of adhesive mechanism and the production of synthetic dry adhesive surfaces. Relevant application researches have bee...
#1Li Huanhuan (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)
#2Tianhang Yang (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)
Last. Li Songjing (HIT: Harbin Institute of Technology)
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To adapt to a complex and variable environment, self-adaptive camouflage technology is becoming more and more important in all kinds of military applications by overcoming the weakness of the static camouflage. In nature, the chameleon can achieve self-adaptive camouflage by changing its skin color in real time with the change of the background color. To imitate the chameleon skin, a camouflaged film controlled by a color-changing microfluidic system is proposed in this paper. The film with micr...
#1Kai Chen (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)H-Index: 8
#2Qin Chen (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)
Last. Dekun Zhang (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)H-Index: 22
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Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogels with excellent characteristics are considered as promising cartilage replacement materials. However, there are still some main issues to be solved for PVA hydrogel, such as poor mechanical strength and disordered structure. Inspired by the highly ordered structure of biological soft tissues such as articular cartilage, here, we prepared a high-strength but anisotropic polyvinyl alcohol-nanohydroxyapatite-polyacrylic acid (PVA-HA-PAA) composite hydrogel by direct...
#1Peng Wang (NCEPU: North China Electric Power University)H-Index: 14
#2Wang Jian (NCEPU: North China Electric Power University)
Last. Qing Xie (NCEPU: North China Electric Power University)H-Index: 13
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Unexpected ice accumulation tends to cause many problems or even disasters in our daily life. Based on the superior electrothermal and photothermal function of the carbon nanotubes, we introduced a superhydrophobic/electrothermal/photothermal synergistically anti-icing strategy. When a voltage of 15 V was applied to the superhydrophobic sample, the surface could rapidly melt the ice layer (~ 3 mm thickness) within 530 s at the environmental temperature of − 25 °C. When the near-infrared light (8...
#1Jianping Li (ZJNU: Zhejiang Normal University)H-Index: 16
#2Cai Junjie (ZJNU: Zhejiang Normal University)H-Index: 3
Last. Hongwei Zhao (JLU: Jilin University)H-Index: 3
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A novel bionic piezoelectric actuator based on the walrus motion to achieve high performance on large working stroke for micro/nano positioning systems is first proposed in this study. The structure of the proposed walrus type piezoelectric actuator is described, and its motion principle is presented in details. An experimental system is set up to verify its feasibility and explore its working performances. Experimental results indicate that the proposed walrus type piezoelectric actuator could ...
#1Yuanxi SunH-Index: 9
Last. Liming Xin (SHU: Shanghai University)H-Index: 6
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#1Yi Li (Chiba University)
#2Koichi Yonezawa (CRIEPI: Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)H-Index: 2
Last. Hao Liu (Chiba University)H-Index: 45
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#1Qin LianH-Index: 16
Last. Dichen LiH-Index: 30
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