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#2Sandro Cabral (Institute of Education and Research)H-Index: 14
Microcredit has a fundamental role as a tool for financial inclusion. It is estimated that there are almost 50 million microentrepreneurs in Brazil, of which two-thirds are women. This work aims to analyze the impact of microcredit for women microentrepreneurs in comparison with men, based on data collected in northeastern Brazil in partnership Avante, a fintech specialized in microcredit. Data were collected from microentrepreneurs who had access to credit (treatment group) and those who did no...
#1Leqi Zhou (NFLS: Nanjing Foreign Language School)
#2Kaishuo Chen (BC: Boston College)
This essay introduces the name taboo (bihui) phenomenon prevalent throughout China’s imperial history. Under this convention, the names of sovereigns and a person’s ancestors were proscribed from writing and speech. Past scholarship in Chinese tends to view the phenomenon as purely secular and explore merely its political and social implications, without exploring in depth the possible influences of the beliefs about the supernatural on the behavior of those that practiced name-tabooing. In this...
This study set out to find out how positive affirmations affect children in an elementary aged classroom. The study consisted of thirteen students in a mixed age Montessori classroom. The study lasted ten days and for six of those days the students simply rated their mood. For the next six days students said positive affirmations in the morning and rated themselves like they did the previous six days. This study used the Mood Meter as the scale for students’ moods. The Mood Meter was created by ...
The exclusion of global knowledge in favor of a condensed western-centric history curriculum casts a shadow on the fact that America is the most globalized and culturally diverse nation in the world. This paper aims to analyze the standards-based world history curriculum as taught in high school among both regular and Advanced Placement classes for its deficiency in providing a comprehensive global history. The primary topic used in the qualitative content analysis and systematic literature revi...
The South China Sea region has been a site of conflict for decades, with numerous states holding competing territorial claims due to its abundance of resources and strategic importance. Recently, China’s construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea has escalated tensions in the region and has strained efforts to bring peace. This paper observes the role of intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in resol...
In this study, we used social media data to investigate Benford’s Law. In our experimental analysis, we used three control variables: Total Subscriptions, Total Views, and Video Uploads of Youtube channels to verify if the data is artificial and whether or not it fits Benford’s Law. We noticed how Total Subscriptions does not fit Benford’s Law for the top 5000 most-subscribed channels, and Total Views doesn’t fit for the top 5000 most-viewed channels. The reasons that cause this difference are f...
Dance Therapy (DT) is an effective treatment to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual. Its benefits are of particular interest in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), whose caretakers are burdened with the high cost and rigorous demand of treatment. This paper presents a Dance Therapy program that will attempt to encourage physical, social, and cognitive development amongst students through concepts of mirroring and Teaching Dance for Understand...
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Two of these diseases are heart failure and myocardial infarction. In America alone, there are about 6.2 million people with heart failure, and every 40 seconds, a patient with a heart attack is recorded. Myocardial infarction, known as a heart attack, occurs after the blocking or occlusion of a coronary artery, disabling the delivery of oxygenated blood to regions of the heart. Heart failure, usually occurring afte...
As the Earth's ozone layer, which blocks harmful UV radiation from reaching Earth's surface, becomes thinner, sunscreens have become one the most used and most important cosmetic products in recent decades. However, UV filters (both organic and inorganic) in the current synthetic sunscreen are found to affect the marine ecosystem negatively. They pollute the marine environment and cause damage to organisms’ reproductive and digestive systems (from microorganisms to mammals). Here, we use biologi...
The current “State of Jefferson” movement is comprised of residents of a large rural region encompassing much of Northern California and Southern Oregon, where many inhabitants claim the right to statehood. Since its origins in 1941, the State of Jefferson remains an obscure movement for most scholars and is simply labeled a regionalist movement. While Jefferson possesses every factor of a secession movement, including economic and socio-political variables, the complexity of its ideology and id...
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