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Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) materials have attracted increasing interest due to their wide potential applications. However, achieving CPL-active materials with both large dissymmetry factor (glum) and high quantum yield (F) in solid state remains a challenge task. Here, a series of oriented polymer films with efficient CPL have been fabricated through photopolymerization of cholesteric liquid-crystalline mixtures doped with a tetraphenylethylene-based conjugated oligomer. The result...
Porous microspheres have received considerable attention because of their applications in catalysis, cargo delivery and energy conversion. However, most reported porous microspheres are formed via complex procedures using inorganic materials or synthetic polymers, which are not sustainable. Herein, we develop a facile approach to the fabrication of protein porous microspheres templated from an oil-in-(ethanol/water)-in-oil double emulsion, where zein is dissolved in the middle phase and phase se...
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Recently, due to the excessive consumption of fossil energy and the intermittent nature of clean energy resources, electricity storage has attracted great attention from both academia and industry. Lithium ion batteries (LIBs) with high energy density have been widely used for portable energy storage systems. However, limited lithium resources cannot meet the demands for large-scale applications, especially the grid-scale energy storage. Owing to the abundant natural resources of sodium and the ...
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Multicomponent systems have been widely investigated to expand absorption spectra, ameliorate morphology and achieve high-performance organic solar cells (OSCs). Here, we reveal a novel quaternary OSC based on a PM6:Y6:SR197:PC71BM system with a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of up to 17.48%, one of the highest efficiencies in organic photovoltaics. The N–H bonds of SR197 react with the F atom of acceptor Y6 to form intermolecular hydrogen bonds that regulate the morphology of the blended fil...
#1Hua Zou (USST: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)
#2Ke Shang (USST: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)
Hollow particles with open holes on their surfaces, which refer to hollow micro/nano spheres with open structures such as single holes or multi-holes on their surfaces, have attracted increasing interest over the past two decades. The strategies used to prepare these particles can be roughly classified into hard-templating, soft-templating and self-templating methods, according to the formation mechanisms of the hollow structures. Based on these categories, this review summarizes the strategies ...
Lithium–sulfur batteries (LSBs) are considered as one of the most promising next-generation high-energy rechargeable batteries due to their ultrahigh energy density and low cost, however, their practical application has been severely hindered due to the rigorous shuttle effect of soluble polysulfides and sluggish reaction kinetics. Here, a novel flexible 3D nitrogen-doped graphene supported V2O3/VN heterogeneous host was constructed by a facile topochemical nitridation strategy. Such unique arch...
Solution processes have been widely used in controllable patterning of zero-dimensional nanoparticles at certain substrate due to its advantageous of mild conditions, low-cost fabrication and good device compatibility. Preparing high-quality micro-patterns is very important for realizing high-performance devices. However, the solution processes normally involve both the coffee ring effect and Marangoni flow caused by the solvent evaporation, which make precisely patterning nanoparticles hardly t...
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Multi-component hybrid optical heterojunctions assembled from chromophore-doped polymer microwires are one of the first choice of building blocks for the construction of complex/integrated functional photonic devices, because they not only have the original advantages (optical confinement from one-dimensional microstructures, high emission efficiency from chromophore and flexibility from polymer matrix), but also bring novel performances to the system by the synergetic interactions between multi...
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Due to high ionic conductivity, favorable mechanical plasticity, and non-flammable properties, inorganic sulfide solid electrolytes bring opportunities to the practical realization of rechargeable Li-metal batteries with high energy, yet their use was impeded by an electrochemically unstable Li/electrolyte interface. Herein, we proposed to address the issue via a Li+-conductive gel polymer interlayer, which is derived in situ from conventional liquid ether electrolyte during the cell fabrication...
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