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There are many nonlinear dynamics in field of non-physical sciences, such as the food chain, economic systems, or engineering systems with the characteristics of closed or open-loop systems. The problems arising from this have been resolved by the outdated chaos theory in statistical physics based on the paradigm of logical thinking. However, it was founded by classical physicists, and it is imperfect and vague, moreover, very difficult for others. Therefore, we require a perfect systematic solu...
Fatigue cracking is one of the most important types of failures, which decrease the asphalt pavement service life. Carbon fibers are amongst of the additives that have high tensile strength. It is expected this fiber reduce pavement cracks which increases the fatigue life of pavement. This paper experimentally investigated the effect of the carbon fibers on bitumen specimens. Hence, the effects of fiber characteristics such as length and fiber percentage on the indirect tensile strength and Mars...
Semiconductor laser diodes are important components for various applications such as 5G wireless, datacenter, passive optical network, and aerospace applications. High reliability has emerged to be the universal requirement for all optical applications. To achieve high reliability, fundamental understanding of the laser degradation behavior is crucial. In this paper, we study three cases of gradual degradataion modes of laser diodes including (1) Pattern-A that is associated with threshold curre...
Medically underserved rural communities struggle to meet challenging needs in response to the opioid crisis. The purpose of this study was to measure any benefit of an occupational therapy (OT) intervention group with participants in an addiction recovery program. Supervised OT graduate students implemented a five-week program at a faith-based non-profit organization in a small metro community. A weekly time management occupational-based intervention group based on the Action Over Inertia (AOI) ...
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To complement experimental study, in-silico molecular docking was carried out to access and understand the interacting binding energy dynamism of some experimental potent anti-epilepsy compounds on the GABAT enzyme’s (A causative agent for epilepsy disorder) binding site. The Autoduck vina docking option of Pyrx multipurpose simulation software was used in this study to perform docking simulations. Four anti-epilepsy drug (AED) candidates was designed (Anti-epilepsy disorders) through a structur...
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ZnO and ZnAl2O4 nanoparticles (NPs) were successfully prepared by the co-precipitation method and characterized by x-ray powder diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The prepared NPs were incorporated into epoxy (EP) coating with mass ratios 200  800 mg/kg of ZnO NPs/EP and ZnAl2O4 NPs /EP. The prepared coatings were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and their mechanical properties wer...
Introduction: Sub-Saharan African communities bear the highest burden of HIV/AIDS in the world. Because of identifiable cultural links and local beliefs, people are more likely to engage in sexual mores that could negatively impact their life. Starting in early 2000, Congolese HIV+ patients have undergone a variety of medico-social inputs designed to decrease risky behaviors among people in the program and their family members. Goals: This inquiry aimed to understand how PLWHs assess the influen...
A Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is a sort of wireless ad hoc network which are used to provide communications between nodes. The frequent topology change is considered a unique feature of VANET nature due to the high movement of its participating vehicles. Thus, the design of a routing protocol that could cope with VANET characteristics is very challenging. Position-based routing protocols are the most suitable approaches for VANET. In this paper researcher broadly discussed Beacon-based Non-...
A study aimed to identify Palestinian university students' perceptions of using distance education in light of the Coronavirus crisis from the students' point of view, depending on the differences between gender or the university in which they study. The descriptive approach was used for the current research. The 25-paragraph questionnaire was distributed electronically through social media sites due to the closure of universities. The sample of the study was formed from (73) distributed among (...
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