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Objective To explore the advantages of high-resolution CUBE T2 combined with three-dimensional fast imaging employing steady state acquisition( 3D-FIESTA) sequences in detecting the causes of obstructive hydrocephalus in the midbrain aqueduct. Methods 45 patients with obstructive hydrocephalus of the midbrain aqueduct all underwent MR conventional sequences and sagittal CUBE T2 and 3D-FIESTA sequences scanning,to analyze the ability of CUBE T2 combined with 3D-FIESTA sequences to display the cau...
患者男,62岁,因左胸痛当地医院胸部CT检查发现左下肺占位6天。体检:未及浅表淋巴结肿大,肺部听诊未及干湿罗音。患者存在左侧胸痛不适,呈针刺样。实验室检查:血常规:(-);肝功能:(-)涂片抗酸杆菌阴性;肿瘤标志物:AFP/CEA/CA125/CA199/CA153/铁蛋白阴性;超敏C反应蛋白:轻度升高。影像检查:CT平扫示左肺下叶背段胸膜下一孤立性软组织占位,CT值约22.9 HU,邻近胸膜增厚(图1、2)。冠状位上可见肿块与胸
Objective To investigate the value of hepatic extracellular volume fractions(f ECVs) measured using routine liver computed tomography(CT) evaluating hepatic fibrosis(HF).Methods A total of 60 patients(male:female ratio,39:21;mean age,42.4 years) histologically diagnosed with HF underwent routine liver CT.Absolute enhancements(in Hounsfield unit) of the liver parenchyma(Eliver) and aorta(Eaorta) 3 minutes after contrast administration were cal-culated using precontrast and equilibrium phase scans...
Objective To explore the computed tomographic(CT) findings of skull base bony changes during and after radiotherapy(RT) for nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC),assist the CT-based diagnosis and long-term follow-up on skull base bony changes after radiotherapy.Methods 130 patients with NPC were included.60 patients had plain CT scan before RT,at 20 Gy and at 60 Gy.The other 70 patients had Enhanced CT scan before RT,at 40 Gy and three months after RT.Region of interest in the marrow cavity of the Clivu...
Objective To evaluate the clinical utility of Gemstone spectral imaging( GSI) for the differentiation of prostate cancer( PCa) from benign prostatic hyperplasia( BPH). Methods Thirty three patients with PCa and 38 patients with BPH were recruited and underwent GSI with dual-energy CT,with histopathologic findings regarded as the reference standard. Monochromatic images,material-decomposition images,polychromatic image sets with photon energies from40 to 140 keV were reconstructed for analysis. T...
Objective To explore the value of 64-slice spiral CT on the change of liver volume in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. Methods Collecting 48 patients with PBC,64 patients with hepatitis B virus-related cirrhosis and 52 patients with no liver disease as control group. Enhanced CT Abdomen was performed in each patient and the axial images of portal venous phase were transferred to GE Advantage Workstation 4. 4. The standardized liver volumes of each group were analyzed with SPSS 15. 0. Res...
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Objective To discuss the imaging features and the effect of interventional therapy in patients with pulmonary arteriovenous malformations( PAVMs). Methods Retrospective analysis of the clinical data of 15 patients who suffered from with PAVMs intervention therapy in our hospital from Oct 2007 to Nov 2013 were done.. Then summarized the clinical manifestation,imaging features,effect of intervention therapy and discussed the value of intervention therapy. Results 15 patients underwent CTA and show...
近年来,炎性肌纤维母细胞瘤(inflammatory myofibrolastic tumor,IMT)报道逐渐增多,但肠系膜及腹膜后IMT文献报道,特别是CT表现报道较少。笔者搜集4例经手术病理证实的肠系膜及腹膜后IMT的CT表现,总结其特点并复习以往文献报道如下。
Objective To study the ratio changes of systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation blood flow of the lungs in normal subjects,and compare the perfusion parameters among the normal in a different district. This is done to explore the feasibility and superiority of low-dose CT pulmonary perfusion by using the 320-detector row dynamic volumetric CT. Methods A total of 20 patiens in our hospital were collected from 2014 May to 2015 January. A Toshiba 320-detector row dynamic volumetric CT scanne...
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