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#1Ryszard Bartnik (Department of War Studies, King's College London)
There is a common belief that despite the many legal, practical, and supportive solutions that the EU has introduced in recent years in the area of internal security, its citizens still lack assurance. In order to obtain the desired state of security, it is necessary to improve the existing solutions and create completely new ones. This need is associated with a deep awareness of threats, as well as knowledge of the mechanisms of their emergence and functioning. The aim of this article is to ide...
#1Katarzyna Wojtysiak (UMK: Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)
#2Ewa Zieliński (UMK: Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)H-Index: 3
Last. Tomasz Wojsz (University of Białystok)
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Purpose: This is a review to assess the health hazards resulted from the poor technical condition of vehicles in Ghana. In developing countries, the number of vehicles involved in road traffic is systematically increasing. The health consequences of road accidents are a crucial public concern. Methodology: The PubMed and Google scholar search were used to find literature for this analysis. The following keywords were taken into consideration in this paper: health hazards, technical conditions, v...
#1Inah Eteng Okon (University of Calabar)H-Index: 3
#2Mark Egbe Ikelegu (University of Calabar)
Purpose of the study: This paper examined the housing quality, its affordability as well as the housing choices which residents of Calabar can make. Housing needs in the city continue to rise in response to rapid urbanization rates and thus lead to high housing demands. Methodology: About 384 questionnaires were distributed randomly within six purposively delineated housing districts in Calabar with a 78 percent success rate. The stratification covered all the housing types, from the low to medi...
#1Brygida Wądołowska (University of Business and Administration in Gdynia)
#2Wojciech Zaborowski (University of Business and Administration in Gdynia)
This article aims to provide a detailed discussion of the restructuring process and to indicate whether the said institution is achieving its statutory objectives. Four restructuring proceedings have been presented in the study that the entity undergoing restructuring may benefit from. It is worth noting that the study included restructuring goals, differences between individual restructuring processes and the most important statutory definitions such as insolvency and restructuring capacity wer...
#1Moshe SharabiH-Index: 12
#2Ola Abu-Hasan Nabwani (Kinneret College)
Last. Javier SimonovichH-Index: 2
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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the changes in work centrality of individuals who experienced meaningful adverse occupational events (dismissal from the workplace, prolonged unemployment, and retirement), as compared to employees who did not experience such events over 12 years. Methodology: By implementing a fixed-sample panel /longitudinal research,12 years after conducting the Meaning of Work questioner, 411 individuals were located and re-conducted. The respondents were aske...
Purpose of the study: This study aims to discuss the American role in the anti-Soviet Afghan war and disclose the reasons for the Soviet worry about the growth of the fundamentalist terrorist groups inside Afghanistan. Methodology: This is library-based research work. Results: The article has come up with some main points on that severe war. One of these was that the American President Jimmy Carter's Doctrine in 1980. Carter's Doctrine could be considered a sort of policy that allows the use of ...
Many researches have been conducted on the elders to find out what they do after they are left in the nursing homes and without any relatives, but there has been little focus on the relationship between the researchers and the elder people. Under this circumstance, we are here to try to figure this out. This research conducted ethnographic methods to study the self-evolution of empty-nesters, by observing and interviewing an empty nester whose children are abroad 41 times for 43 months. The back...
#1Wioletta Karina Ozga (KUL: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)H-Index: 1
Personality is a cognitive-affective processing system, which, according to the socio-cognitive theory, creates four dimensions. They are reflected in the skills, beliefs, standards and goals of the individual, which are consistent and consistent patterns of behaviour. Self-efficacy judgments and self-patterns determine the choice of goals and persistence in achieving them. On the other hand, the emotions preceding and accompanying the achievement of goals affect coping with stress and problems....
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