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Foreign students’management is the issue for Chinese universities to explore constantly.How to provide the channel for foreign students to know China,to know Chinese universities,to answer their questions are the responsibilities of Foreign Students Management Office of universities.This paper analyses the result of Chinese-Foreign Students Joint Management Model which has been running for one year in Chongqing Medical University to provide some highlights on foreign students’ management in univ...
The high synthetic diathesis and creation ability are demanded by modern medical education to clinical-type postgraduates,and the train of scientific research ability is kernel.
The financial crisis has made the graduate of grade 2009 career have undergone profound changes in mentality,How to strengthen the ideological and political education of graduates and career guidance is a new task we have to face.In this paper,through a questionnaire survey,students’collective conversation,individual visits,the case summary,we understand the mental state of college graduates in 2009 session in Shenyan,and have analyzed it to provide a basis for career guidance for the targeted c...
Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong, is the best public hospital in Hong Kong. The patients can enjoy almost free medical service. The clinical routine in Division of Neurology, characterize that of Hong Kong medical system. All medical staff is highly responsible and cooperative. They initiate in communicating with the patients. All medical routines are evidence based and the latest guidelines are followed.
A young doctor wanting to be a good interventional therapist,would be confused by the complicated materials using in blood vessels,the complex DSA machine and obstacle of transferring the 2D picture into 3D image.In our hospital virtual reality technique as a new strategy of teaching was applied to culturing young doctors.The advantage of virtual reality is high simulation and interaction which are good for young doctors to master interventional therapy technique.
Experiment design has been added to the experiment class for pharmacological course.The topics of the experiment design were prepared by the teacher based on the contents of theory class.After finishing the experiment design with the help of literatures,the students introduced their proposal in the class,and then discussed with each other.The results of feedback showhed that most of the students think they have learned how to look up the literature and prepare the multimedia teaching materials i...
Teachers develop integrated experiments on nursing management in laboratory center of nursing teaching. By using the methods of imitation and role-play,students exercise nursing management theories and skills that they have learnt to digest related knowledge. In this way,teachers train the students'comprehensive capabilities of communication and coordination,creative thinking,parsing and solving questions and improve the outcome of teaching practice on nursing management to provide clues for mor...
Based on high requirement on trainingtarget ofcultivating8-year medical students and combined with the characteristic of general surgical teaching,we applied logical thinking to strengthen students'clinical thoughts and self-analysis ability to make them become the advanced medical talents with good clinical thoughts.
Objective To investigate and analyse the effect of PBL teaching method on the clincal medical students of different level,furthermore,to provide an effective guide for biochemistry teaching method reform.Methods Comparing the results of traditional teaching method and PBL teaching method in biochemistry on the clinical medical students of different level,and analyzing the applicable of PBL to various students.Results The seven-year students had a significant higher score in sum record by using P...
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