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The purpose of this paper is to share a lecturer’s viewpoint on using and Socrative applications as an innovative teaching method integrating TPACK and Social Learning Theory (SLT) at higher education. The applications were used to teach 44 undergraduate students who registered for Cross-Cultural Management course at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). At first, the lecturer used before the class starts and requesting the students to answer several questions before coming to the c...
#1Windy Wahju Purnomo (UM: State University of Malang)
#2Yazid Basthomi (UM: State University of Malang)H-Index: 4
Last. Johannes Ananto Prayogo (UM: State University of Malang)H-Index: 2
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This study aims at investigating the EFL university teachers’ perspectives and their actual applications in providing written corrective feedback to the writing errors made by the EFL university students and their correlation. The study was based on 80 responses of a Google-form survey distributed to EFL university teachers with various teaching experiences from the most parts of Indonesia. Correlational design was used in this research. Descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation tests wer...
The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of the HPC strategy on primary school student learning outcomes. This research produces several conclusions as follows: 1) The Homogeneity Psycho Cognition (HPC) learning strategy has been developed following the relevant development directions and procedures; 2) The results of the validation of the HPC strategy by experts indicate that the HPC strategy is appropriate for use with little revision; 3) The results of small-scale and medium-scale t...
Students spend a significant proportion of their day in colleges and healthcare facilities where they might experience medical emergencies, or unexpected accidents, that occur in these places. Nursing students are expected to play a key role in performing basic life support. This study is to evaluate knowledge, attitudes and training status with regard to basic life support (BLS). An online cross-sectional survey was conducted in Taif University, Saudi Arabia. 170 students agreed to fill out a q...
Centered on studies on language and gender, thus study generally aimed to assess the students’ general attitude towards Gender-Inclusive It likewise determined comparative assessment of the same when grouped according to sex. The study utilized quantitative research design. Survey Questionnaire using the IASNL was the instrument used which assess beliefs, recognition of sexist language and willingness to use gender-inclusive language. Respondents utilized were randomly selected students of the C...
#1Mohd Norakmar Omar (UUM: Universiti Utara Malaysia)H-Index: 1
#2Siti Noor Ismail (UUM: Universiti Utara Malaysia)H-Index: 4
The application of ICT in education has a significant impact on teachers. Administrators pressure them to use ICT to improve the quality of teaching and to learn in the classroom. However, teachers are still skeptical of the ability to embody pedagogical strategies through the use of ICT. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between principals’ technology leadership and teachers’ self-efficacy. The study also determined the dimensions of technology leadership that are predic...
The transition from school to the institute of higher learning is a challenging phase that requires students to adapt to new environments and cultures. null null null This study aims to explore the experiences of first-year students at the Institute of Teacher Education by using storytelling through drawing. This study involved 18 students pursuing the Bachelor of Education Preparatory Programme at the Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia. Storytelling through drawing results was analysed ...
This paper depicted the current panorama of virtual learning of the tribal students in Bangladesh with the constrictions and possible solutions. The study aimed to deal with the major issues about tribal students’ online education by bringing out the key restraints of their distance learning and the possible solutions. The researchers followed a mixed method using a 5-point Likert Scale to point out the learner sensitivities, an online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to know specific information fr...
#1Alfi Laila (UNY: Yogyakarta State University)
#2C. Asri Budiningsih (UNY: Yogyakarta State University)H-Index: 4
Last. Kastam Syamsi (UNY: Yogyakarta State University)H-Index: 1
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Many elementary students still find it difficult to understand the literature content used and it automatically affects their reading and writing skills. However, the adjustment of literature with local wisdom-based content needs to be considered as a supporting tool. This study aims to improve reading and writing skills using textbook based on local wisdom. Data were collected through tests of 32 students in each experimental and control classes. Descriptive-quantitative analysis was used to an...
Mathematics is one of the most emphasized subjects and has grown immensely to provide a strong base for programs in science, engineering and technology. Training students in this field will give them the opportunity to improve their high order thinking skills (HOTS). But the students’ HOTS level is at low stage due to the learning approaches employed in classrooms. The aim of this study is therefore to investigate the effect of inquiry-based learning (IBL) in improving polytechnic students’ leve...
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