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The development of ethnomathematical research is currently experiencing a fairly rapid increase in interest. This can be seen in the many ethnomathematical researches in the inaugural issue of Kreano, a creative-innovative mathematics journal, in English. null null Perkembangan riset etnomatematika saat ini mengalami peningkatan minat yang cukup pesat. Hal ini dapat dilihat pada banyaknya riset etnomatematika pada terbitan perdana Kreano, jurnal matematika kreatif-inovatif, dalam Bahasa inggris.
This study aims to develop mathematics learning media with a STEM approach to linear program material that is valid, practical, and has a potential effect on student responses. This development research uses a research design that is a design research development study type. The research subjects were students of class XI MIPA 5 at SMA Negeri 14 Kota Tangerang. The research subjects were students of class XI MIPA 5 at SMA Negeri 14 Kota Tangerang. Based on the research results, the learning medi...
This research is motivated by the low mathematical representation skills of students. This is evidenced by the mathematics learning achievement of Indonesian students in TIMSS and PISA which has not moved from the bottom 10 ranks. In learning mathematics, there are still some obstacles, including students who are still difficult to read mathematical expressions, errors in principles and procedures, not being able to connect one concept to another and difficulty communicating mathematical ideas /...
Teaching and learning deductive proof is one of the most important goals in mathematics education. According to the APOS theory, learning a concept is facilitated when students have constructed an adequate APOS mental structure for the concep. There are characteristics differences between field-dependent and field-independent students in responding to tasks to construct proofs. The purpose of this study was to analyze the coherence of the group scheme constructed by students with the high initia...
The challenge of mathematics teacher of SMAN-2 Palangka Raya was student boredom. The aim of research (1) increases the students’ enthusiasm in learn trigonometry and (2) increase the learning outcome of multiplication to addition and subtraction identity of sine and cosine, used metacognition questions and fantasy ironwood tree metaphor integrated to null hands-on activity . The research used the classroom action research method in three cycles of action. The subjects were 40 students of grade ...
This study aims to produce worksheets using an ethnomatematic based CTL approach on SLETV material that is valid and practical. This type of research and development is R&D. The ADDIE development model consists of: analyze, design, development, implementation, evaluation. However, this research is limited to the implementation stage for individual trials (one to one) and small group trials. The results of this study were obtained from the aspects of validity and practicality. a) the validity asp...
The basic objective of the microteaching course is to support the implementation of apprenticeship 3 (teaching practice) in the seventh semester at school. So far, the practice of teaching in the classroom by students is often constrained by the readiness of students in preparing these teaching tools. To overcome these obstacles, it is necessary to design a didactic condition according to the obstacles experienced by students, to be able to guide students in carrying out teaching practices prope...
This research aims to know the effect of computer laboratory facilities and learning interest on student’s learning outcomes. Used ex-post facto quantitative research with exogenous, endogenous, and intervening variables. Population and sample of this research were mathematics education department students for the 2020/2021 academic year, totaling around 80 people. The instruments used were questionnaires and written test. Data analysis technique used is path analysis. Based on the research th...
The purpose of this research is to analyze in depth the mathematical values contained in the buna woven fabric. The method used is a qualitative method with an ethnographic design because it will explain one of the cultural artifacts of the people of NTT, in this case the buna woven fabric. The results obtained are the motifs on the buna woven cloth that analyzed containing geometric and arithmetic concepts. From the analyzed quadrilateral characteristics, the quadrilateral found in the buna wov...
This study aims to describe how the students 'mathematical problem solving abilities in SMP Negeri 1 Kelekar were reviewed from the students' learning motivation on the material of the flat side of the cubes and blocks. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative. The subjects of this study were 24 students of class IX1 SMP Negeri 1 Kelekar. Data collection techniques in this study were a test of mathematical problem solving abilities and a questionnaire (questionnaire) student ...
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