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Accounting is influenced by a variety of historical, economic, cultural, and other non-accounting factors that led to different judgments in creating a system for representing the reality, the application of regulated requirements and the validation of the fidelity of the information in the annual financial statements, as a final product of accounting. In this article, we focus on the main determinants of the relativity of the values that characterize the events in the life of an organization, w...
The financial reporting process is a standardized process by which an entity provides information about its business, which is not considered confidential, in the environment in which it operates, for the purpose of supporting and developing the society in general. For several years, this process has been undergoing a period of transformation that involves including in the reporting process, in addition to financial information, non-financial information that presents aspects of the resources us...
The existence of groups of companies is a relatively new issue for professional accountants, the academic environment, as well as for regulatory bodies in the field of accounting in Romania. In this context, the theoretical and practical aspects of the preparation of the consolidated annual financial statements generate extensive debates among accounting specialists, in order to find practical solutions to support the understanding and correct application of accounting regulations in the field o...
Appeared in the last decades of the last century, against the background of economic and global developments, determined by the internationalization of production and free movement of capital, the New Public Management aimed to the transition from the bureaucratic principles of hierarchical setup, to the development of new practices of management . This change had to meet the requirements of the market economy, signifying another form of approach to administration and public management. The purp...
The main aim of this study is to analyze the trend of public spending dedicated to education in case of Kosovo over the years and to measure the impact of public spending in education on economic growth of Kosovo. In order to achieve the goal, the Pearson Correlation is used and a multifactorial regression model (OLS) has been modified and adapted, where we have determined the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as depended variable and as independent variable in the model conclude: (i) Total public ex...
Earnings quality can be determined from the market or investor reaction to information in the published financial statements. But there are some factor, which can be considered to be biased for investors in determining their investment in a company. Market reaction can be proxy by earning response coefficient. This study aims to examine the effect of tax avoidance, foreign direct investment and capital intensity on earnings response coefficient. The population in this study is companies from man...
In the context in which globalization generates chain reactions, the economic disturbances generated by the Covid-19 crisis are encountered at the global, European and of course regional level and, due to the novelty of the manifestation of the crisis, the capacity of known economic models to provide quick solutions in this context has proved to be limited. Most of the economic imbalances that have occurred are not due to the epidemic itself, but to the measures taken to prevent the spread of th...
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The purpose of this paper is to examine entrepreneurial competences among female entrepreneurs within the context of developed countries which have been greatly neglected in the same context of emerging economies. This empirical research is based on a survey of 301 micro and small enterprises located in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya, run by female entrepreneurs. Its focus is on the following entrepreneurial competences: the need for achievement, locus of control, tolerance of ambiguity, innovativene...
The preparation of annual consolidated financial statements, in the context of the existence of group companies, represents a relatively new problematic issue for accounting practitioners, the world of the academia, as well as for the regulating bodies in the field of accounting. This situation generates intense debates among accounting specialists with the aim of finding practical solutions that facilitate the understanding and correct application of accounting regulations in the area of consol...
The purpose of this study is to provide empirical evidence on the influence of taxes, tunneling incentives for income shifting, financial reporting and intangible assets on transfer pricing decisions. The data used is secondary data in the form of annual financial statements downloaded from the official website of IDX The population of this study is a manufacturing company registered in IDX for the period 2016-2018. Sample selection technique using purposive sampling method so tha...
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